ZeeJay Gereon Yymfoll
Bosslord ZJ Yymfoll
Vital statistics
Title Bosslord ZJ Yymfoll, Zeejay, Boss Zeejay, Boss Yymfoll, The Con Father.
Gender Male
Race/Species Muscular Magadonth (Magadon ferox)
Faction Anarchic Leader of the Lawless Feskulia
Description Aggressive, Manipulative, Hiding In A Well-Fabricated Lie Born From A Typo
Skills and Abilities Natural Pachyderm Abilities, Large, Strong, Good Liar and Conspirator
Status Still at Large
Location Alternate UUniverses
  • Rulusha, Feskulia (Beta Universe, Bacabin Sector, Terbulcon System) (Hometown and Current Residence)
Alignment Evil Dictator
Bosslord Zeejay Yymfoll is an Alternate UUniversal Magadonth from Planet Feskuila. A crimelord dictater that ruled the so-called "Death Planet" with an iron, elephant nub, thing, and taking advantage of the misconception that it's core is supposedly being composed of a highly-volatile poison called nitrolysigen, the most dangerous reactive substance in the AUU, capable of destroying an entire planet, at the least. Thing is, he and other criminals know that the claimed "Nitrolysigen" is actselly a result of a typo, it was actselly meant to spell "Netrolysigin", a harmless and powerful alternative fuel that can make ships run forever and is eviomentally friendly. Now thanks to a computer error and an incompident dolt being incharged to throughly check the paper, Feskulia has been mistaken as a death planet and left to be taken advantaged off by undesireables who managed to know better. Left to be in the hands of such, often criminals and crime lords, all lead by it's crime lord dictator, Yymfoll himself. This world still prospers in crime, hiding behind the false reputation of death planet to discourage attempts of bring order, and thus, became a restricted site to the AUU Grand Council and the USRA before that. He would stomp out any attempt to expose the truth, even if it's a power greater then him.


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