Solar's challnage was a bust! Neither Shen nor he captured Eagle-Beak and were lucky to escape a vengeful Dark Dragon's wrath thanks to Jumanji's tattling! Celestia informed them both that true love does not get won in challnages, but of the heart's disires and bond. Celestia asks Solar to leave Equestia, Shen, and herself alone for good! Solar, in an upset rage that he lost the chance to earn a fellow Alicorn's love, magicly curses Shen into a physically un-appealing Pteradon-like monster in hopes to sever Celestia's bond! Celestia however, cares for Shen for his goodness, not physical appearences or what he done in the past. Solar, in an outrage, declares war on Celestia, and breaks the equestian boarder's treaty! Now Shen and Celestia must save the Equestian peace and remove Solar from thrown before all the hard work is made gets wasted. to add insult to injury, Solar turns out to be a corrupted pawn of Eagle-Beak and Makuta's spirit as another plan (with Dark Dragon's Permission) to restore the empire back to it's true form. But an alliecence with the inhapitants of Jungla will ruin all of Solar's hard work and ruining the Scourges chance to return to its true form forever.

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