Bount B. Hunter is an Alternate UUniversal Ornin from Planet Outishra. He is of a race of flightless anthropomorphic birds like the inhabitants of DuckTales, but with the same appearance of normal bird feet, and ranged feather coloration, who were known as ex-USRA minor members until conflict between them and the UIS got them to quit and be independent, though this was never offictally recorded to be so because it litterally lasted for 5 minutes, which isn't enough to seriously count and that it may as well be like they never joined at all, being alone on their planet of Orninosis. Bount was raised on the home planet of an extinct Teadr 1.5 race known as the Outtians, and he came to be an ex-bounty hunter that joined O.U.T. after O.P.E.N. outshined his hobby of looting and trading advanced technology. But his pride for the Outtians and himself got him a controversial reputation, even when he was among the best members of OUT. With his skill posing a threat to OPEN, an Openist General used his pride against him and got him to betray OUT by assassinating the OUT hero father of Caleb Ohm as revenge for costing them the first six Soul Forgery Pieces. With no way back, Bount went back to being a bounty hunter. Though he seeks out his victim's son to ensure he doesn't pose a threat. Though he causes a stir with his crush Cyley Zapp when her sister Dynda Zapp falls for him. But despite being successful enough to capture the three, the general that hired him reveals his true intentions by exposing him as a once OUTer, as he used him as their best member, prompting Bount to "Only be fair" and repay the General's betrayal with a double cross of his own and helping his once-qourry escape. This urges Bount to redeem himself and help Caleb and his friends take down OPEN once and for all. Though survice to say, apart from Dynda, Bount is still on reliitvely uneasy terms because Caleb pointed out that Bount only saved them because "OPEN made the mistakes of being dicks at the wrong time" and knew that if the general was more grateful or at least betrayed Bount smartly, it would've been it for OUT's best, and that trust isn't automaticly earned just because O.P.E.N. acted prickish.


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