General Grosvenor himself has confronted the Consortium, demanding that is former servent, Avatar-558, be returned to him now. In return, he would promise to make the Dark Siders refraign from any future attacks. However, Avatar denied the request and that his loyalty now belongs to the consortium. Grosvenor is not detered once. Grosvenor then challnaged the Avatar into a fight. Avatar wins, he keeps his freedom and current place in the Consortium, Gros wins, then Avatar must leave forever. And Gros already plans to make sure that with help of his freinds from The Unexpected Return of Tecno Tarold that he will cheat his way to win against Avatar and for once, actselly beat the Consortium. However, the Lougers and Heroes Act, espeically Fu-Xi the game breaker, came come to ensure the cheats fail and that Avatar wins fair and square.

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