Brogan Sherman Bowerbank
Vital statistics
Title Mister Bowerbank
Gender Male
Race/Species Yellow tube sponge (Aplysina fistularis)
Faction Independent Criminal, One Of The Biggest Criminal Sponges In The Sea
Description Greedy, Cunning, Intelligent, Bumbling, Tough
Skills and Abilities Natural Sponge Abilities, Shapeshifter, Impressionist, Master of Disguise, Giant Barrel Sponge Bodyguard Named Mister Schmidt
Status Still at Large
Location SpongeBob's World
  • Coral Angeles, Caribbean Coral Triangle (Hometown)
Alignment Comical Evil

Brogan S. Bowerbank is a tube sponge from SpongeBob's world. He is one of the top sponge criminals of SpongeBob's world, being a bumbling but cunning master of disguise, as he can shapeshift and take a variety of forms and identities. Budding a child in his mid-ages named Spongeworth, he sought for him to be his heir, but he ran away and hid from him and had a life of his own. However, he finds him again and embarrasses him to where he believes nobody cares for him, and he throws it all away to be with him again, but things go south when after he ends up getting mimicry madness, he is later on arrested and sent to prison. Knowing many sponge criminals including Spongentine, and has a barrel sponge bodyguard named Mister Schmidt, he has been among the best for his cunning, not changed by his bumbling incompetency as he only screws up quarter of the time. He has the voice of Stefán Karl Stefánsson, and is a very comical yet dangerous threat, swearing to find his son and complete his footsteps.


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