Bozoka Francis Clownzo
Vital statistics
Title Bozo (Slave name), The Chaosmaker, AUU Kefka Palazzo (OUU Residents)
Gender Male
Race/Species Jokedon
Faction The Jegressu Empire (By Extension), His Own Master
Description Insane, Amoral, Sociopathic, Reckless, Murderous, Cackley, Unstable Behavior
Skills and Abilities Natural Being Abilities, Expert Trickster, Silver Tongue, High Knowledge Of Chaos Magic, Random Jokedon Weaponry, Expert Strategist, Smarter Than He Seems
Status Imprisoned In Chaotic Fifth Pocket Dimension (Future Fate)
Location Alternate UUniverses
  • Vectoria, Jegess (Eta Universe, Eta Core Sector, Fantar-Gorra System)
Alignment Evil
Bozoka Francis Clownso is an Alternate UUniversal Jokedon from Planet Jegess. Formerly a court jester slave turned into a willing court jester and adopted nephew, of Emperor Jegessnu, whose imperial family is interracial, who was sold as a slave by his own family for accidentally killing his parents and wife, as well as when he lost his cousin to an accident on the Cespers' part in trying to summon back the warring brothers but ending up inadvertently banishing his cousin and Jegessnu's daughter by mistake, he thrived in controlling others by having them under mental manipulation and illusions, being a master of chaos magic. He is loud, short-tempered, maniacal, and destructive. He is known for his many one-liners, his final almighty appearance, as well as his sociopathic hatred of everything in existence, seeing is as pain and something that shouldn't exist. He always has a habit of unleashing a high-pitched whooping cackle, in large part because of his dark humor and jester attire. He can control and trick his opponents and crush their hopes with his tactics as long as they remain weak and simple-minded, which causes his downfall in the hands of the Jegess Saviors when they see through his tricks, as well as when his adopted grandniece Corra Blenfind discovers that he not only turned her half-Cesper and causing her to get shunned by most of her family including her father and grandfather, and drove Emperor Jegessnu insane and hypocritically hateful and yet obsessed with Cespers with his powers. He is the AUU version of Final Fantasy VI Kefka Palazzo.


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  • "Ahhh, so many buttons! Eenie-meenie-minie... ALL OF THEM!"
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