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Bracket Evan Felbinger
Vital statistics
Title Mage Bracket
Gender Male
Race/Species Tiger Salamander (Ambystoma tigrinum)
Faction Independent Mage Guardian
Description Bold, Wise, Cautious
Skills and Abilities Natural Salamander Abilities, High-Level Magic Knowledge, Acrobatics
Status Alive
Location Amphibia, The Bestiary Dimension(Homeworld and Current Residence)
Alignment Good

Bracket E. Felbinger is a historian salamander from the land of Amphibia. Being a former friend of Valeriana, he was into the occult and the forbidden lost arts of magic, which was lost to them forever eons ago in The Bestiary Dimension because of the monsters there abusing it to the point where they were almost exterminated by a Xexaxez before being resurrected by a Ressurectorate and given another chance at life, under the condition that they never use high-level magic selfishly again. Magic has thus been banned throughout most of Amphibia, smuggled through dark auctions and black market operations in places like the Bizarre Bazaar. Despite warnings from Valeriana, Bracket wanted to try and prove they wouldn't repeat history knowing the consequences of such an action and tried to introduce magic safely, but upon building an artificial Resurrectorate named Helixis from the remains of lost Preservers, found out the hard way through a precognitive vision of the Xexaxez that no matter what he does, magic introduced to them again will be abused, resulting in their extinction, finding that the Xexaxez is always watching them. Terrified, Bracket swore that he would make sure objects like the Calamity Box and Helixis were never to be unleashed, hiding away or destroying all his research and work for the safety of Amphibia. He named himself as the guardian of Amphibia, stopping the greatest of forces like Grime and the Toad Warriors, and even his traitorous ex-colleague Wormtongue, from getting their hands on such dangerous power.


Bracket was born as the son of a Salamander mage named Pondswan, in the town of Salavilla. The town was shrunk down into a few measly inhabitants because of a giant white crane infected with a parasite. With no options, when Bracket was only 13, she sacrificed herself by dousing herself with poison and feeding herself to the crane, which put it out of it's misery along with killing the parasite. Valeriana was tasked to look after Bracket ever since.