Bradly K89
Bradly K89
Vital statistics
Title Bradly, Brad
Gender Genderless (Male Tone)
Race/Species Former Hornet
Faction Electross the Reviver
Description Anger and Distrusting Issues
Skills and Abilities Common Hornet Flight, Analyzing Eyes, Lightsaber-Edged Right Arm
Status Repaired
Location Equestria
  • Refurbished Crashed Cragmite Ship, Equestrian Badlands (Birthplace)

Hayfield 64

Alignment Half-Reformed

Bradly K89 was among the Hornets to get destroyed by the allied forces of the Lougers' friends in The REAL Best Night Ever. Bradly and the other hornets were found and revived by Electross the Reviver. Electross saw stronger value in Bradly, named him as such and instailled a liightsaver like attachment to his arm, along with given an actual face. Bradly was given the personality of a typical misunderstood rising fanisty hero and a rightious view in the world, something unusual for something meant for the oppisite of this. Bradly still hasn't made peace with himself that he was meant for harm and defends Electross greatly, being the only thing keeping him from being sent to a recycling asembly for being contriband tec. Bradly is strongly unsure about Electross having hopes for strangers wanting to help him find a jewel being lost for a reason that is claimed to be justifived, and is worried Electross is opening himself for betrayal or worse, and he'll be the first to get in the way of whatever he's unsure of turning out to be a threat, and he won't be afraid to end a life if it means protacting Electross.


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  • "My father knows what he's doing! He wouldn't even dream of being near that jewel if he doesn't know what he's doing! But he does, and he knows what he's doing!"
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