Breandan Ocore Oborlodeon
Breandan Obor
Vital statistics
Title Leader of Oborlodeon Freedom Fighters
Gender Male
Race/Species Cunone
Faction Oborlodeon Freedom Fighters
Description Bitter, Resentful, Rough Yet Bold, Often Flawed Leader, Misguided Morality, Dangerously Unstable If Things Aren't Ideal, Cybernetic Right Arm, Prosthetic Organs, Scarred Face
Skills and Abilities Natrual Cunone Abilities, Armored Suit, Powerful Arsenal
Status Alive
Location Alternate UUniverses
  • Oborlodeonopolis, Gorlltoy (Theta Universe, Cibarron Sector, Adora System) (Hometown, Current Residence)
Alignment Dark Antihero

Breandan O. Oborlodeon is an Alternate UUniversal Cunone from Planet Gorlltoy. He is a member of a long-running family of aristocratic rulers called the Oborlodeon family which lead the Adora System for 2 generations. However, what lead him to a life of rebellion was when Doc Gearhard usurped the system after the Oborlodeons destroyed his chance to being a ruler of his planet with the use of a virus that can turn people into robots, and thus after an accident brought on by his childish though understandable outbursts, being robbed of his dreams, that turned him into an android, he usurped the entire system, destroyed the Oborlodeon palace with an entire army of machines, and forced the Oborlodeons to spread out their descendants so they can ensure that a prophecy foretold by Oraco of Dell can come true. Growing up away from his parents which were killed not too long after he was sent to a foster family, he grew in a bitter and corrupt society which lead to him being as rough as the rest of those around him. Upon learning of his true origins, his growing anger forced him to find any and all the Oborlodeons in the system, stand up against Gearhard, and destroy him once and for all, unaware of his true nature. So he collected seven other Oborlodeons, the vast others ending being adopted by familys who long left the system and away from Adora, leaving only him and the 7 and the 9th he has yet to know about, and lead them in a fierce rebellion against Gearhard's forces. However, despite being a grand and reliable leader, he can sometimes be more then nessersarly rough and strict on his fellow family members to the point where it sometimes gets physical. He even restorts to insults and emotional abuse to those that don't meet up to expectations. He is too determined to destroy Gearhard for the death of his parents and, as understandable as it can be, given where he was raised, people don't view him well regardless, even when acknowledging that Gearhard is argueably the worse of the two evils of this problem. Some fear that he may go into villain-like action if things changed for him majorly and if everything he thought was true turned out to be an ilaberate lie to do something oppisite of what he desires. And unbeknownst to him, The Oraco does have a different vision in mind on how to stop Gearhard's villainy without actselly destroying him, as if doing so would not truthfully redeem the family's mistake with Gearhard's uprising, and possability, this is very much true, considering that Gearhard is litterally connected to robotictopia's beloved Mainframe of Life, where if Gearhard is destroyed, so is the Mainframe and all of the robots that were once actual people. As such, it appears that the Oraco knows that Breandan is not the hero Adora turthfully needs, but knows of vastly better alternate chooses in his open-minded family, espeically in the missing 9th Obor. Along side facial scars on face, his most terrorfying feature is that he's messing an entire spot where his cheek should've been, exposing his teeth, implying a reminder of his first encounter with Gearhard that didn't ended, pleasently. Though he does have a holographic mask to cover up only that feature, it gives out many times because of it's tendency to malfunction.


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