Vital statistics
Title Lord Breckenridge, The Mahishasura of Yakyakistan
Gender Male
Race/Species Equestrian Mahishasura; Yak (Formerly)
Faction Independent Demon of Deception and Trickster
Description As Aggressive as Other Yaks, Insane, Brutal, Mocking
Skills and Abilities Natural Yak/Mahishasura Abilities, Trickster, Shapeshifter, Possession of Others, Black Magic Powers
Status Still at Large
Location Equestria
  • Nandia, Tauria (Hometown)
  • Tartarus (Current Residence)
Alignment Evil
Lord Breckenridge is an Equestrian Mahishasura from Tauria, the homeland to all Equestrian bovines. Based on the bovine demon of Hindu mythology, Breckenridge was born in a Hindi sector of Tauria called Nandia, and was a good judge for their sacred religion and died in vain and hate after he tried to ethnically cleanse his home of gypsies, believing they were unholy demons, and similar to Judge Claude Frollo, he paid the price for it when he went insane after his family was persecuted and executed, along with him even after he acknowledged and regretted the wrongs he committed as Nandia had a different view of morality and law at the time. Breckenridge, dying without redemption, was reborn as a Mahishasura that haunted certain sectors of Nandia until he disappeared from his haunted judicial courthouse. He found a living as a trickster who destroys and topples entire civilizations, mentally ruining the people he torments. He currently found a way to get to the family of the member who authorized his execution and possessed a hybrid warrior named Yakotaur. But he was defeated by that same family and sent to Tartarus, swearing to return and finish the job. He has yet to do this.


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