Brim Gravel Stonewall
Vital statistics
Title Brimm, Brimstoner, Brimstone, The Brimstone, Brimtumor (Prisoner Insult), Magmatacus Wannabe, The Dragon Actually More Stupid Than Clump
Gender Male
Race/Species Equestria Black Dragon
Faction Independent Killer
Description Elderly, Benign Tumor Makes Him Less-Strategic/Smart/Sane, But Has Near-Unstoppable Brutality, Insane, Brutal, Violent, Reckless, Violent, Relentless, Xenophobic, Vengeful, Dangerous, Intimidating, Vulnerable To Motion Sickness Like Any Other Dragon, Dangerous Sense Of Ignorance To Even His Own Detriment
Skills and Abilities Natural Dragon Abilities, Strength, Flight, Powerful Manipulative Plasma-Based Fire Breath, Wrestling Skill, Veteran Training
Status Imprisoned in Mount Penance
Location Equestria
  • Dragon Lands (Homeland)
Alignment Evil
Brim G. Stonewell, AKA Brimstoner, is a black dragon criminal/once respected old war veteran from Equestria's Wild Dragon Lands who is one of their worst members currently within the imprisonment of Mount Penance, as he is an insane bruiser and killer who has untold dragon abilities who suffered a hereditary benign tumor that exists in his family for generations that made him insane and lacking any smarts and knowledge, and though he is not smart, he is still resilient with his natural raw strength and elemental powers. He is a ruthless aged murderer of anything in the name of his people, including ponies, and was sent to Mount Penance for attempting a genocide of ponies after his family was killed by Pred Judu Des (Which this time was justifived because they were Malevolent Flames Supporters) before he discovered the incriminating sins of his ancestor Shred Judu Des, and forcing King Drakesis to have him imprisoned in Mount Penance, but he still aims to destroy ponies, including more than just Pred, but also dispose of dragon-combating ponies like Flash Magnus and his newfound protégé in the form of his modern descendant Flash Sentry, by framing them for committing a crime they didn't commit against dragons and getting them trapped in the Penance Catacombs.... And that would be threatening and villainious in throey if his tumor didn't made him more stupid then even Clump times 9000. He looked up to Magmatacus, the strongest dragon in Equestria, and sought out pawns for years with his races' naturally-extended lifespan of thousands of years, aiming to exact his revenge.


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