Exhausted from another day of dealing with the usual humdrums of villainy, Spyro and Kairi are finally given the oppertunity to have another Brother and Sister Anniversery on Destiny Islands in the land of Eden while the rest of the Lougers and Gazelle aim to make sure it goes absolutely perfectly, given that the holiday is infamous to ending up happening while a villain causes trouble. As such, The High Council traps the Villain Leage in a magical sheild to prevent a new The Seas of Captain Legend fiasco, the Scourge Imperals are kept at bay with massive rebelions, Rachet and Clank and the gang basicly hold all of Team Nefarious Hostage, heck, the hero friends of the lougers even promise to take care of whatever new indie villain problem comes to arise to make sure no interuptions are heard. However, there is only one problem the anniversery protecting Lougers failed to consider: The Mothron Vanguard Partakalis is finally free from the Tar of Zootopia and now knows that Gazelle became the Uniter, thanks to the escaped Mothron Wizard Jallmadoor. The two aim to redeem ther mistakes to the Mothron Emperor by capturing Gazelle and bring distruction to all of the Lougers and all who inhapit the Dragon Realms, even Kairi, with Jallmadoor's Fear Hearts. Gazelle and the other Lougers must make sure Spyro and Kairi stay unware of the newest problem to protect the anniversey and combat the two Mothron drop-outs themselves, where even with Gazelle's uniter abilities, without Spyro's purple dragon powers or Kairi's Tman and Kingdom Hearts' given Keyblade mastery, it will not be easy fighting the Vanguard and powerful arch-mage wizard of the Mothrons, espeically with the Fear Hearts present, being capable to turn into what it's oppentent fear mosts.

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