An escapee from the Canterlot Mental Health insatution, named Dreams Day, a unicorn that was a victim of a horrendus accsident back in the days when Malvolent Flames was alive, as escaped to ponyville, taking quick advantage of the warning about her escape not yet nationly broadcasted, and takes the form of a different Mare named "Daydream", and found herself befriended to Twilight Sparkle, who seems like a friendly theropist to her thanks to her knowledgeable and soothing nature. However, due to being a Malvolent Flames victim, she reacts extremely panicy and afraid of Spike, to the point she begins to explod in crying outbursts and self-cutting. Twilight becomes consern of this, odd very un-normal behavior. Then things REALLY go off the deep-end when Twilight got the message from Celestia about Dreams' escape. Dreams reveils her form, and due to being afraid of going back to the mental insatution having misunderstood the Orderly's and Doctor's intentions for her, kidnaps Twilight has her hostage and is hold up in the libary, making an incredably inpentitractable magic shield, but not before kicking Spike out. Apawn discovering this, Celestia passes a message to the lougers to come help quickly, fearing the situation has escalated.... But can Twilight be able to sooth a broken mare on her own until the lougers come and get Dreams to understand everyone wants to help?

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