Bruce the Shark

Bruce the Shark is a corrupted member of Team Nefarious and is the supposed big bad of Finding Nemo.

Role in the Film[1]Edit

Bruce first appears just after Marlin and Dory meet and invites them to a meeting, to which both of them soon comply. He brings them to where his friends, Anchor and Chum are waiting for him: at a sunken submarine. The three sharks are running a program in which they plan to stop eating fish.

The meeting begins and the sharks say the pledge. Bruce then says that for this meeting, the sharks need to bring a fish friend. Anchor reveals his, who is extremely scared and soon swims away. However, Chum says that he seems to have misplaced his friend (he ate his friend) and Bruce advises him to choose Marlin or Dory as his friend and Chum chooses Marlin.

The testimonies begin and while Marlin is up, he notices the mask of the diver that took Nemo and reveals to the others that his son was taken by divers and Dory shows sympathy for him. Bruce is touched by Marlin's search for his son, as he never knew his father and begins to sob, but in comforted by his friends. When Dory gets hurt, a bit of her blood goes into his nose and he likes the taste. He attempts to get a bite out of her and Marlin, which results in a chase through the submarine while Anchor and Chum try to stop Bruce. Dory releases a torpedo that goes into Bruce's mouth and he throws it out into a surrounding mine field and his friends tell him where it's heading for. He turns around and sees that the torpedo is about to touch one of the bombs. The three sharks quickly swim away from the area.

Bruce, once again trying not to eat fish, appears briefly with the othe sharks at the end of the film, briefly scaring the other fish in the area until he reveals that he just wanted to make sure Dory got back safely.

Role in the Series

Bruce has been mind controlled by Dr. Nefarious to attack and kill Spongebob by any means necessary. He has not appeared yet in the series. dispice of the above information, Bruce is not considered a true blown villain, rather just a sad soul trying to fight the nateral urges of his spieces, and Team Nefarious worsen these urges.

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