Brutus Gary Crushe
Vital statistics
Title Brute-Face, Brawns of Heart-Breakers
Gender Male
Race/Species Mythosian Mountain Troll
Faction Heart-Breaker Gang
Description Herpes Infection, Anti-Social, Mute, Voracious
Skills and Abilities Massive Physical Strength, Good Bike-Rider
Status Still at Large
Location Mythos (Homeworld)
Alignment Evil

Brutus G. Crushe, AKA Brute-Face, is a mute mountain troll hailing from Planet Mythos. He is an extreme ruffian who faced oppression in his younger years, and when he grew up, he made sure that no one would pick on him again with his physical fitness and brawns. He eventually joined the Heart-Breakers Space-Biker Gang which has been known for committing crimes like fraud, trickery, and framing. They've caused trouble for loved ones, and broke several hearts, hence their gang's name. Brute isn't very social since he can't talk, but his brawns and voracity makes him a deadly adversary. He doesn't have to speak in order to tell someone he means business.


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