Brutus and Nero

Brutus and Nero

Brutus and Nero are Madam Medusa's crocodiles, and following her expulsion from the Villain League, they now serve as members of Team Nefarious


The Rescuers[2]Edit

Brutus and Nero are in addition to giving Devil's Bayou a frightening feel, are assigned to guard the bayou, prevent Penny from escaping, and to prevent anyone who tries to rescue her from doing such, all the while knowing that Penny isn't very intimidated by them. They were animated primarily by Frank Thomas. These two crocs play various roles in the film. One of their roles is to add to the sense of gloom surrounding Devil's Bayou, and the other is to be the comic relief. They are also an obstacle for Bernard and Bianca when they try to rescue the little girl.

Role in the Series

Brutus and Nero formerly served as Villain League minions, but after chasing away Madam Medusa, they were left with nowhere else to go. So, they decided to join up with Team Nefarious, and provide them with their much needed strength since most of the members are of evil scientists and morons. But because Madam Medusa and Mr. Snoops have rejoined the Villain League, that may mean that Brutus and Nero may end up not joining Team Nefarious and go back to working for the Villain League after all, as all part of Mirage's plan to prevent her uncle Nefarious from getting ideas of trying to gather members by collected possable drop outs, former members, and exspeically any forgotten desised or missing in action members, cause it's bad enough he has the great Zurg on his side. Although, that does not mean that, like the willy brothers, Brutus and Nero, untill Medusa's return in SpongeBob and Friends in An Extremely Goofy Movie, will serve Team Nefarious till the time being.

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