Bryan (New)
Vital statistics
Title None
Gender Male
Race/Species Equestrian Manticore
Faction Captain Blot's Crew
Description Missing Eye, Sentient Variant
Skills and Abilities Powerful Flight, Claws and Teeth, Scorpion Tail, Two Samurai Swords
Status Still at Large
Location Equestria (Homeworld); Wherever Professor Eagle Beak Resides As Of Emperor Lu Kang Part 2
Alignment Evil

Bryan is the swordsmen and expert combatant in Captain Blot's crew. This ruthless pirate Manticore is strong when it comes to heavy duties and fighting off enemys. His weapon of choice are two swords that resemble samurai swords.


Bryan was born in Equestia. He had a problemed childhood as he was orphaned. He was basicly, a rouge manitcore, even though manitcores already are often wild monsters. Bryan was among the members of the Manicore spieces that has some sentient intelligents, so he evolved into a troublesome thief and a roaring bully! He was finally beaten by the Equestia guard, and banished by Celestia into Mythos, who she was too merciful to straight up kill cause aside from hurting feelings, he didn't kill anymore, he was just being an asshole. He joined among the other exsiled equestian mythics and became a gang member, eventally included the mythos native Martha, escaped via a black market ship, appeared on Desteny Islands by unexpected luck, and eventally, were rescued from starvation by Captain Blot, liking the idea of having a Manitcore in his crew.

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