Bubble Poppin Boys

The Bubble Poppin Boys

The Bubble Poppin' Boys are a gang from New Kelp City and appear in the episode What Ever Happened to SpongeBob? on SpongeBob SquarePants. Only the leader spoke, and he was voiced by guest star Ray Liotta (Tommy Vercetti in GTA: Vice City). The gang beat up the people of New Kelp City whenever they blew bubbles because it causes their eyes to be irritated by the solution, and it's what cause them to fear bubbles themselves until an amnesia-ridden SpongeBob came in, as they tried to deal with him until they were flown away in a giant bubble by him.


The Bubble Poppin' Boys all have black pompadour haircuts, black leather jackets with their logo on the back, jeans, and black boots. Their leader has orange scales and can make a claw grow out of his pinky finger. Three of the other Bubble Poppin' Boys have similar appearances, yet one has green scales, one has purple, and one has red. Another member of the gang is a yellowish-beige color and he is considerably more muscular than the other members.


  • Trevor- The leader of the group and the only named member of the gang in the episode.
  • Charlie- The yellow muscular fish and second-in-command of the gang. Voiced by Tom Sizemore in the SAFAC series.
  • Melvin- The green fish of the gang. Voiced by William Fichtner in the SAFAC series.
  • Smith- The purple fish of the gang. Voiced by Danny Dyer in the SAFAC series.
  • Terry- The red-violet fish and Trevor's brother. Voiced by Phillip Michael Thomas in the SAFAC series.


Not much is known about them, though it is known that they scared everyone in New Kelp City into never blowing bubbles. They hated bubbles because when they pop, it stings their eyes. SpongeBob SquarePants sent them out of the city by blowing a giant bubble, trapping them inside as it floated out of the town. When this happened, all of New Kelp City decided to celebrate and blow bubbles. The mayor of the city even decided to resign and give his mayoral post to SpongeBob as a reward. Later, Sandy, Patrick and Squidward brought him back to Bikini Bottom.

Role in the series

Following the bubble chaos left by SpongeBob's time as mayor, Mister Bottomfeeder took over in a coup d'état on New Kelp City, and after threatening SpongeBob into staying in Bikini Bottom, he named the Bubble Poppin Boys, whose other members names are revealed, and their voices (especially by Icky) are of other voice actors from GTA: Vice City, are put in charge of his law against bubbles, all while fighting a resistance brought on with the bubble technology of Gifford Labbs. But SpongeBob soon comes back after hearing what New Kelp City was following his departure, and given he still shares sorrow for both them and a resident acquaintance of theirs named Huxley Ottaway, who worked as a Senator for Bikini Bottom and established an act of oversee the activity of Bikini Bottom following becoming mayor, fearing it would become just like New Kelp City, his hometown.

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