Bucky O'Lucky

"Top of the morning to ye."

Buckson O'Luckshire is a leperchun from the leperchun planet that has gone rouge and became a reknown name in mischief and trouble making. He appeared in the SLCT Comic "Sham-Rocked" where he tried to brainwash Gazelle into becoming his wife to take advantage of a powerful offspring a union could offer while trying to attack IckyIago, and Fidget, which has been suggested to have a prior history with. Thankfully, Bucky's marrial plans were ultamately canceled and the love starved tiny irishmen defeated. He has powerful luck-based magic and the power of leperchuns, which commenly derives from their wealth, and is so confident in his powers that he deems the trio as his faverite punching bags.
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