Vital statistics
Title None
Gender Female
Race/Species Equestrian Bug Animal
Faction Snakemantis' Henchmen
Description Charming Bisexual, Trickster
Skills and Abilities Flight, Hypnotic Charm
Status Locked up in Tartarus
Location Equestria (Homeworld)
Alignment Evil

The Bug-Fox is a henchmen of Snakemantis, along with Bug-BearBug-Wolf, and Bug-Badger. Bug-Fox is the charmer of the group and the seductive trickster of the Bug-Animals, and is By-sexial in nature, so not even females can be able to ignor her charms. The Bug-Fox was among the monsters captured by an anti-monster agentcy in Equestia until the Bug-Animals got out when they tricked Cerberus into abandoning it's post that was inadvertingly respondsable for the freedom of Tirek. She and the other Bug-Animals are still on the loose. She is a mix of a Fox and a Hornet.

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