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Vital statistics
Title AUU Mothra (OUU Residents)
Gender Female
Race/Species Vorago Xaijirun
Faction Xaijiruns
Description Benevolent, Aiding, Stubborn
Skills and Abilities Natural Mothra-Esque Abilities, Energetic Glowing Wings, Energetic Powers, Psionic Antennae, Healing Powers, Chemical Stinger, Increased Awareness
Status Alive
Location Alternate UUniverses
  • Xaijira (Delta Universe, Abdephomis Sector, Goijin System)
Alignment Antihero

Bugora is an Alternate UUniversal Xaijirun from Planet Xaijira. She is a large female lepidopteran monster with godly butterfly wings made of elegant but durable bioluminescent materials and is the AUU version of Mothra, being over 95 stories long and weighing over 75 million tons. Created from an average vorago by Moromochi, it is a protecting Xaijirun and one of the few that knew something was wrong with Bosobi and rebelled, as it's elegance and fragile style of fighting allowed it's eyes the chance to see it. It's supposed to represent the allegory of weapons of mass destruction being damaging to it's masters, their homes, and itself as much as the people they destroy, which compliments it's switch into antihero status. Bugora still kept consistent with being a true protector and is heralded by twin Augurans that sometimes powers up Bugora with songs dedicated to it, which had been replicated by use of his ARCA device, a bioacoustic electromagnetic soundwave ray which emits high frequencies only Xaijiruns can hear to attract or alter their behavior. Bugora has the ability to shoot corrosive, poisonous, and fiery chemical weapons from it's rear stinger, she can fly at vast distances with it's luminescent energy-sensitive wings, has psionic abilities, and can manipulate weather at times. It's even oozing with energy which fuels it's psionic powers, which it can use to emit an energetic cocoon blast, encase itself in an energy-based chrysalis, and even heal other Xaijiruns, which it still considers family regardless of how amoral they are.


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