Buford Steve Bullington
Chief Bullington
Vital statistics
Title Chief Bullington, Chief of the United Universal Police Department
Gender Male
Race/Species Spanish Fighting Bull (Bos taurus)
Faction UUPD
Description Noble, Wise, Proud, Rough Leader
Skills and Abilities Natural Bull Strength, Nightstick, Standard-Issue Pistol
Status Alive
Location Dragon Realms Texas (Homeland)
Alignment Good

Chief Buford S. Bullington is the chief of the UUPD HQ in the Dragon Realms. He is the top bull of the police force, and considered the greatest. He protects the Dragon Realms from criminals sometimes too low on crime for the Lodge to handle. He is noble, wise, and an excellent fighter. He's gotten many accomplishments during his time, and commands his men with pride.


Buford was born as the son of a police officer for a minor police force on another world long before the Dragon Realms was attacked and nearly destroyed by Malefor. Buford had dreamed of becoming a police officer like his dad, however the problem was that his dad was over-protective ever since he was nearly killed by a criminal as a calf. With a father like that, Buford believed that he would never get into the police business. But when he became 16, he discovered that his father was being held captive by criminals. He was able to stand up against them, and despite a successful rescue, his father lost his ability to walk. Now handicapped, his father had full confidence in Buford, and he allowed him to take his place when he was old enough.

When his father eventually died, Buford took his place and became a tough police officer. He was one of the best in the force for making one of the biggest drug busts in the history of his world, earning him a higher rank. He continued impressing the police force until the day the Dragon Realms was reformed and rebuilt by UUniversal settlers. So Buford decided to go there hoping to find greater thrills and challenges than his current police career. And after a big vote, Buford became the chief of the UUPD Dragon Realms HQ. He began hiring several officers that show respect to him. He even told Officer Axle to go to the Miramax Universe where he would first meet the Shell Lodgers, as well as to serve as bodyguard to what was once the respected adviser ZigZag, before Team Nefarious became known to the universe. Though the rest of the force believed he was killed by the crocodiles, Bullington knew that wasn't true because electric eels can naturally defend themselves against predators, and Axle coming back was proof of it, though it started a controverseal spiral that gotten worse until the second coming of Loogar for Axle to be able to restore it.

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