Vital statistics
Title Burge, Burge-Ass, AUU INAC (OUU Residents)
Gender Genderless (Male Tone)
Race/Species Cancelled 3UR63 Robot Unit
Faction Independent
Description Bitter, Vengeful, Ruthless, Mean, Smart-Aleck, Very Chatty, Annoying, Whore for Attention.
Skills and Abilities Armatage-Huncus High-Grade Equipment, Barger Mobile Command Base, Heightened Combat Tactics, Saboteur and Hacker
Status Still at Large
Location Alternate UUniverses
  • Beofynzeny System (Unknown Location)
Alignment Evil

3UR63-455, AKA Burge, is an Alternate UUniversal robot from the Beofynzeny System. He is 'the brother of Bilge' because of the fact that he was a brother project to the 31L6E Units, manufactured by the Cypherion scientist named Doctor De Bray. The 3UR63 Units were meant to be part stewards and part guardians, and thus have a protective mentality. But after creating the first and only unit, the project was cancelled because of how dangerous such units were. Vengeful and outshined by it's brother unit, the one 3UR63 unit escaped and planned revenge against the unit, and thus became the infamous mastermind behind the Bilge Robot Revolution that has been obscured once it was over after how much it made the units themselves look bad. He at first tried to get revenge on his creator, but he already died of a heart attack. He thus hacked into the satellite that controls the 31L6E Units, making them ruthless and hostile, and rebellious against their mortal masters. He even created his own giant mobile command center and base called 34R63R Base which had a ton of firepower and was able to mow down heavy artillery and forces like they were not there, having 10 AI multi-function turrets with energy-shield coating, an entire horde of 31L6E Unit Digistruct Modules, as well as some for creating clones of himself, four spiked tank-like wheels, powerful land mines of multiple programmable types, has multiple energy shield layers, powerful speed and elusive capabilities, durable armored plating, an adaptive mind, a central eye that emits powerful laser-based attacks that are enough to destroy an entire building or mountain, and is entirely solar-powered. When his revolution was defeated by the Phaseforce, Burge hid in the shadows, swearing revenge, and is still out there planning it. He is an AUU parallel to Borderlands Interplanetary Ninja Assassin Claptrap, with a blend of Angry Joe Show Craptrap appearance, ruthlessness, temper, and ego, and has the same alternate design as Bilge.


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Burge was designed to be the next in an omnipurpose line of not just general purpose as watchers, stewards, and maintainers, but also as protectors that can defend despite their diminutive sizes. Thus, Burge has combat programming, and has the ability to scan data, analyze their target, and attack it. Burge's main weapons are gauntlets that not only augment punches, but also fire scattering blasts 2 times a second and a charged scatter blast for a full second, as well as fire concussive repulsor blasts in the right arm, but also fire multi-function rapid-fire laser blasts, focus beams, plasma grenades of many functions, plasma blasts, and explosive blasts in the left arm. Both of them, however, have the common pulse blast function that he can use to fire at the same time, at the risk of overheating and damaging him. These gauntlets quickly recharge for 1,000 shots in less than 10 seconds, but extensive damage can cause it to lose it's recharging ability and leave them with limited ammo capacity. Other abilities include teleportation, a scientific genius, a hacking capability, a silver tongue, a trickster, and always found ways to try and take out his enemies, and he was far too good at it. He deceived his foes, and he can get away with virtually anything.


  • "A message from your glorious leader: Hath not a bilge an eye? If you prick us, do we not bleed?... Well, depending on if we're made with oil and/or hydrolic fuild... Or if we were those gay-ass Cyborgs or the kind of Androids that LOOK like meatbags made with sympethic blood, or, those weird organic bots from the Exteresital Parasite (AUU Alien Movie Francise) movie franchise, or.... AW GOD DAMN IT, I GOT SIDETRACKED, IGNOR THAT LAST ONE?! If you poison us, do we not die? Of course we don't! Because we're better than all you stinking fleshbags! But if you blow us up, hey, that's not a true problem because, well, we can just put ourselves back togather.... Provided if our impourent stuff remains intact in which case-..... DAH, THIS IS GOING NOWHERE FAST, SCREW IT, SCREW IT?! REVENGE!?! Viva la Robolution!!"
  • "Is a bilge not entitled to the oil of his brow? No, says the man at Cypherion, it belongs to his owner. No, says the treasure hunter, it belongs splattered on the floor. No, says the mechanic because he wants to waste it on unsentient machines and/or get the stuff spilled all over himself. No, said the kinky weird fetish bitch because.... Do I really have to further explain that? But we choose something different. We choose the Robolution!"
  • "Under the new regime, all bilges will be given liberty, equality, and fraternity. And all organic lifeforms will... Uh... Be, given the oppisite? Hey what did you want, I'm a big picture bot, I'm ain't got time for details! Viva Free Beofynzeny System! Viva la Robolution!"
  • "Don't worry. If you get horribly maimed, scared, or disfigured, we can always bring you into the shop for a big tune-up. Oh, wait, no we can't, because you're not a robot. You're just a stupid fleshy lifeform, and, I'm assuming your not one of those Cyborgs, Bio-Androids, or whatever freaky shit Exteresital Parasite had going on with organic man-bots! I mean, seriously, what is UP with that shit?!.... Damn it, I got side-tracked again.... Uh....... SUCK IT!!!"
  • "Beat it, fleshbag! Eat it, fleshbag!"
  • "I'll shoot your eye out!"
  • "Not so easy when the target shoots back, is it?!"
  • "How many bullets does it take to get to the squishy center of a fleshbag? Let's find out."
  • "BITCH YOU GUESSED IT! WOO! You was right."
  • "Really n****? What's the password? IDIOTS?! I'M YOU BOSS?! YOU DON'T SAY TO THE BOSS WHAT'S THE PASSWORD?! Okay, new password, and it's, "DON'T ASK YOUR BOSS WHAT'S THE PASSWORD OR I'LL WRECK YER SHIT NEXT TIME?!" (The Password bots' eyes turned Green).... Yeah that's what I thought, dumbasses."
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