Statue of Revolution

One of the Statues of Revolution

Businecaden is a world which is considered the business capital of the UUniverses. It is a world that resides in the same sector as Top Dollar City, and has actually donated the city it's lifetime supply of money. It is where several corporations of the UUniverses mainly operate, and it's where most of their headquarters are found, including that of Mega-Sci Corp. This world is the second richest world aside from it's twin planet, Costacus, which is the banking capital of the UUniverses.

PTE Redux Conditions: This world will receive a complete overhaul.

  1. It will be renamed Businesa Prime.
  2. Costacus (renamed Costala) will be its moon.
  3. Top Dollar City will be relocated from Accord to this version of the planet.
  4. The 6 continents will be shortened to 4, as Ausia and Aukria appear landlocked to Porandina and Heophopus, respectively.


Businecaden was formed the same way Earth was, yet it is a thousand years older. Yet instead of being ruled by dinosaurs, the dinosaurs weren't able to evolve that much since mammals were developing more and came long before the dinosaurs did. They towered over the smaller dinosaurs, so it and the smaller mammals were forced to occupy the same niche. These giant mammals were called Dinomammals. Yet they were all wiped out during a comet strike, as well as most of the dinosaurs, and the only survivors that remained were mammals, which evolved into the common Ice Age mammals. Humans soon evolved here, and they soon grew out of hunting and gathering much quicker and were able to preserve a few prehistoric mammals including the mammoths.

Businecaden Globe Map

Businecaden World Map

The humans soon took a liking in business and, after over a thousand years of this fascination, they turned their world into a world of business. They built famed globe statues called the Statues of Revolution on each of the 6 continents, which represented how business in their world is their greatest strength. This attracted many other-worldly visitors looking for jobs, and this lead to Businecadenians developing Gummi Ships during the UUniversal Crusades, which allowed them to go into space and colonize another world, which they named Costacus, and would be their main home for banking and business.


Businecaden is a world about big business. The government of this world is democratic and each president runs each of the 6 continents. The most famed monuments of this world are the Statues of Revolution, which were built on each continent to represent how business is the world's ultimate power, and ever since they discovered interuniversal travel, they have begun spreading their business influence across all of the UUniverses. Cities here make so much money off of their business exploits, they are able to expand their reach, combining several cities and creating megalopolises. Factories have been built all across this world, and all use reactors for power instead of the air-polluting types.

Several known companies that have been founded on this world are:

  • Mega-Sci Corp- A technologies company which is spread all throughout the UUniverses. Run by Ulrich Newkirk
  • UUniversal Postal Service- The UUniverses' primary postal services which delivers mail.
  • Daily Galaxy- The UUniverses' main newspaper service.
  • Anomaly Mart- The UUniverses' most popular multinational discount department store corporation which has established over a million malls and supermalls across the UUniverses. Run by B.W. Anomaly
  • UUniversal Radio and Space Transmissions- The UUniverses' main source of radio transmissions. They established space stations in the center of each universe to allow radio and TV transmissions even in space. Run by Garrison Goble

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  • Calamity Forest
  • Oragas Mountains
  • Premio- Capital Megalopolis
  • Niantic (City)
  • Foscoe (City)


  • Sylph Mountains
  • Ethonar Mountains
  • Cape Calaham- Capital City
  • Winamac (Megalopolis)
  • Toston (Megalopolis)
  • New Anacua (City)


  • Mesox Mountains
  • Valhalla Desert
  • Saxic Forest
  • Bonanza- Capital Megalopolis
  • Slayton (City)
  • Eudora (City)
  • Bryson City (City)


  • Oberlin- Capital City
  • Granite City (Megalopolis)
  • Zemple (Megalopolis)
  • Concully (City)


  • Almanac Mountains
  • Albani Mountains
  • Sorro Desert
  • Mellowwood Forest
  • Fairbank- Capital City
  • Sierra Blanca (Megalopolis)
  • Edensburg (City)
  • Faxon (City)


  • Sedimentary Mountains
  • Craigan Mountains
  • Argon Desert
  • Allamax Forest
  • Au Sable- Capital Megalopolis
  • New Lennon (City)
  • Panorama (City)
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