Butch Clutch Pigg
Vital statistics
Title Butch Butcher, Big Pig, Pignose, Boar Butcher
Gender Male
Race/Species Human
Faction Trifecta of Misery
Description Mentally-Ill Killer, Wears Dead Pet Pig's Face As A Mask
Skills and Abilities Wields a Meat Cleaver
Status Still at Large
Location Unknown
Alignment Mentally Evil

Butch C. Pigg, AKA Butch Butcher, but also known as the Big Pig, Pignose, and the Boar Butcher, is a human meat butcher turned disturbed psycopath mentally disturbed man who worked in a slaughter house and had a pet pig named Snooty, whom he cherished his whole life since it was a cute little piglet. He also had a bit of a rotten childhood as he was blackmailed for his former farm life like times when he played with the pigs in the mud when he was just a child, and for his questionable appetite and habits, being obese as a child, yet losing weight upon adulthood. But what changed his life was when Snooty ended up biting his employer, and thus the law required the pig be euthanized. Butch tried to defend Snooty, but as a result of the murders committed trying to do so, he was sent to jail while Snooty was euthanized. Vengeful for the loss of his companion, Butch broke out, found Snooty's body, and actually made a pig-mask out of it to not only remind him of the pain that was reaped on him, but also to make sure to share that pain with others to make sure that they learn a lesson that he would never forgive people for taking Snooty away from him. Thus, Butch Butcher was born, and he was among the worst killers in his world. Because of his infamy, dispite not having super-powers, as he's otheriwse mainly just a Leatherface inspired maniac, it earned him super-villain like reputation as a super-criminal.


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