Butcheroth Protothus

Butcheroth Protothus, A.K.A. the Proto-Eraser, or infamously known purely as The Cosmic Butcher, is a deviented Outer God that started life as the Prototype of what would become the Erasers, Butcheroth himself is subsiquintly a unigte being made by the Amoral Ones to figure out their choice for the final eraser design. And spoiler alert, it was Butcheroth. Thus, Butcheroth was going to be sentenced to be tossed into the Pandimention of the Primordials to be stored for when ever the Amoral Ones would deside to revitalise the designs for a new purpose. But Butcheroth, wasn't having that, so he beserkingly attacked an Amoral One creator and cracked his screen, nearly rendering him to be sent to the Hybernation Realm had it not been for other Amoral Ones to his rescue. That Amoral One, was litterally the same Amoral One creator of all Destructor Class Outer Gods, and the fact Butcheroth commited the act of attacking an Amoral One creator, was sacrilage and blastfomy. Thus, Butcheroth has he existed was deemed a flight risk, and was exiled into a pocket imprisonment dimention, to never be seen again. But Butcheroth, proved less willing to play by that. He instead escaped, and became a wonderor of the Multiverse, becoming a deviented Outer God Sport Hunter, and would hunt down and slay the strongest creatures of the Multiverse, either to absorb their quanton power or turn their attributes into weapons, like how he slain a Demon King of the Daemon Dimention and ripped the front claw of a cosmic beetle beast of the Bug Cosmic Dimention, becoming a mad monster. Now, he's reviled by Order Retainer Outer Gods, Denounced with great Disgust by would've been fellow Destructor Class Outer Gods, Non-Amoral One Outer Gods feared him, even other Deviants cower at the sight of him. Even Plainspawn give him extreme wide angles of girth cause of his infamy. Out of all the inter-dimentional weapons he collected, his most sought after prize, is the Uniter Blade, and by extention, the Uniter. He would deem getting the Uniter Blade the biggest accomplishment of his entire existence, thus he would not hesitate to go after the Uniter, reguardless of any factor involved.

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