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Butan-Ara Scumma
Vital statistics
Title Butt-Scum, Current Corrupt Leader of the Gooorans
Gender Male
Race/Species Goooran
Faction Goooran Government
Description Eukaryotic Sentient Slime-Mold, Greedy, Manipulative
Skills and Abilities Natural Elasticity and Shapeshifting, Good Martial-Art-Grade Self-Defense Skills (though prefers to make quick escapes), High Amount of Government Power
Status Still at Large
Location Alternate UUniverses
  • Slymerock D.C, Gooorytan (Epsilon Universe, Bogthen Sector, Trinion System) (Hometown, Current Residence)
Alignment Tyrannical Evil

Lord Butan-Ara Scumma, AKA Butt-Scum, is an Alternate UUniversal Goooran from Planet Gooorytan. He was formerly the vice-president of his home planet and was constantly outshined by the previous leader, Supreme Lord Salibax, along with a semi-protectionest attatude about their unigte reshorce Zox being shared to other worlds, feeling that Salibax doesn't understand how hard it is to recreate zox, and the fact Sal is not even attempting to at least make worlds pay huge sums of money if they want Zox that badly. Butt deems Salibax an unfit leader in many ways because of what he deems is "Treating Zox like it grows from trees and the ground" and "willy-nilly sharing it with otherworlds for free and/or little to no money being made from it at the least", helped little that Salibax takes his opinions with a grain of salt, insisting that Zox is not THAT hard to recreate and argues that outsider money can't be easily conversionised to Goooran acceptable tender, meaning that they had to charge extortionest prices for the outsider money to be accreate to their money, meaning that asking that would risk acting other worlds to sacrivice their ecomamies for something that is easy to make and even risking war to those less pathinent with those kind of politics, like Warboth as a famous exsample. But the ignorent Butt-Scum ignored this fact and said "We need to focus on our own interests, not of outsiders", and demands to have pass a law of his design to ban zox being handed out freefully and to start charging worlds prices, of which Salibax warned that he'll veto it should it actselly make it that far, and even then, the congress and senate would be eger to even entertain Butt's idea. And as predicted, the law didn't even survived a congress vote with the likelyhood of a Salibax veto in mind. After having finally reached his limit, he betrayed Salibax by framing one of the members of congress into trying to add a policy rider on a favered bill to trade Zox to another planet with interest of it a policy that treats zox like an economic thing and against what Salibax believes in, thus forcing a surprise veto due to Salibax ineditable discovery, provoking Salibax's worse temper and tricking him into giving a polotisan that supports him which was made to look like a traitor because of the bill being his work, a whipping so bad that alot of it was censored planet-wide and wasn't allowed to be seen on outsider planets, this making him look like a barbarian and ill-fit to lead after it was realised too late that the policy rider wasn't the broken polotisian's doing, and getting him banished from his kingdom, and allow Butt-Scum to take his place as ruler of his kingdom of Malmar. While Salibax would become worse then he was in a sense, Butt-Scum did the same, if not make himself the worse of two evils, and forbidden the world's main resource of Zox from being shared with the rest of the AUU, including the warfare-focused Warbothians, keeping Zox exclusive to Gooorytan indiffently, baring an exception if others are willing to pay "a small fee" for Zox, of which is fee is an ecomamy ruining extortionist price, of which the Warbothians are espeically pissed off at, thus triggering a possible war. His subjects had eventually realized that they made a mistake with forcing Salibax off-planet, espeically several conspiracy throeists claim that the whole debucle may've been intentionally staged to make Salibax look infaverable to over-focus on his negitive tendingcies, and because Butt-Scum had already gained diplomatic immunity, they were forbidden to interfere. It would take a miracle to get them out of a situation like that. Butt-Scum may be a greedy jerk that is not known to jump into fights right away, but it doesn't always means he's a straight-forward coward.... Entirely, he has acknowledgement there would be a stronger threat after him and he possesses the fighting skills of the T-1000 from Terminator 2, and his powers and natural intelligence allow him to plan grand strategies to prevent anyone from standing in his way. He can pose as other people, he can camouflage his own body, and he can't easily be hurt. But the problem is that, cause he's 49% a coward, only when he's put in tough situations that he can't get out of that easily, and ordinarily hides behind his heavily-armed guards. And even then, he has a tremundus limit on who he wants to fight, only going after someone weaker then him and would no surprisingly cowerd to a truely overwealming force, espeically to large groups, rendering these deadly talents moot if he litterally doesn't have the guts to put them to good use.


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Butt-Scum is a scarlet-colored gelatinous being who has no clothes except for a gelatinous attire appearance of a corporal president.