Butch Terence Parrott
Vital statistics
Title Butters, Assistant Mayor Parrott
Gender Male
Race/Species Sun parakeet (Aratinga solstitialis)
Faction Herbavoris Government
Description Wise-Cracking, Annoying, Often Clumsy
Skills and Abilities Natural Flight, Natural Parakeet Abilities
Status Still at Large
Location Zootopia (Hometown)
  • Herbavoris (Current Residence)
Alignment Neutral and Supportive

Butch Terence 'Butters' Parrott is a Zootopian Sun conure who lives in the corrupt police-city-state of Herbavoris as one of the assistant mayors for Mayor Swineton, his childhood friend in school. While not following her after the incident that inspired her into the tyrant she is today, he, and his cockatoo friend Brad found her after days of flying and searching, and after hearing what she had to put up with after graduation, they decided to heed her wishes, and eventually aids her in her evil government. He looks like Iago in a small outfit.


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