Byron Darris Buster
Byron Buster HA
Vital statistics
Title Byron Buster, AUU Ty the Tasmanian Tiger, Leader of Two Up Society
Gender Male
Race/Species Bombastic Nabicoot (Cugothyleas vocobis)
Faction Two Up Society, Heroes Act
Description Confidant, Social, Determined, High-Spirited Adventurer
Skills and Abilities Naturally Gifted in Justice, Self-Taught Combat, His Family's Two Combat Boomerangs, Agile, Natural Sense of Smell, Hearing, And Sight, Efficient Swimmer, Fast Reflexes, and Good Speed and Stamina, Innate Sense of Direction
Status Alive
Location Alternate UUniverses
  • Sioephus (Gamma Universe, Tobani Sector, Quinxiote System) (Homeworld)
Alignment Good

Byron D. Buster is an Alternate UUniversal Nabicoot from Planet Sioephus. He was a local vigilante for his home planet who defeated three different Villains Act masterminds: Master Ganali, Doombug, and the fiendish Aqua Regia. He became very famous for his achievements, and these will earn him a chance to become a member of the Heroes Act. He is quick, agile, reflexive, and wields two high-tech combat boomerangs.


Byron was born on Planet Sioephus, but was raised by his aunt and uncle when his parents mysteriously disappeared. He grew up in a very peaceful life, with many friends. He was very skilled in using a boomerang until his favorite one got broken. But that was when he found two apparently abandoned combat boomerangs in his aunt and uncle's basement. His aunt and uncle told him his parents used to be Rangers which wielded those combat boomerangs as gifts, each of them using one boomerang. Before they disappeared, they left their boomerangs AND Byron as a little joey, with his aunt and uncle. They decided that now that Byron found them, he could keep them. Byron used these new boomerangs responsibly, and set out to find the adventure he always wanted to go on. He set out on his own travelling across the country and picking up several tricks along the way, even helping out the innocent if need be.

1 year later, he heard about the Villains Act being founded, and wanted to make sure nothing happens to his home. But sure enough, something did happen. The city he was laying right by, Boquois City, was suddenly under attack by a giant space cruiser, and in only a full day, the city was taken over by the leader of the attack: Master Ganali, a former Ibrjunian technocratic tyrant who killed his brother for winning an election he had dreamed to win, and had come to Sioephus to re-establish his evil empire. While Byron was going to inspect the place, he was caught by some spies. Hours later, a bunch of Ganali's Praetorian robot soldiers started hunting him down. He eventually avoided them, but discovered the location of a group of freedom-fighters who were intending to overthrow Ganali. There, he meets Taila Baxis, a female Nabicoot, Piero the Valiant, a freedom-fighting Kangalot who also has a combat boomerang, Array Cross, a scientist Torala, Selera Lobe, a female Ulamer and former bounty-hunter, Scroungy, a Nanowe crackpot with a crush on Selera, and Pepper Bren, a Crynctile with a hot-headed temper. With their help, he was able to defeat Master Ganali, but at the cost of Pepper's life. The entire gang eventually joined the Sioephus Rebellion against the Villains Act, and Byron was made a famous hero.

Byron Buster

Byron (Civilian Outfit)

4 years later, Byron came across another evil by the name of Doombug, a former Senator for the insect-populated Opassap system who was fired for trying to overthrow the system's ruler, and steal his power. He joined the Villains Act for revenge. He built up an insect army, and formed his own empire on Sioephus. Gaining diplomatic immunity stopped Byron from turning him in, but he managed to stop him by preventing his army and his secret weapon, the Macrostinger, from planning an invasion of the Opassap System.

3 years later, Byron met another villain named Aqua Regia, who hated land creatures for their effects on her ocean home, and wanted to teach them a lesson by joining the Villains Act and flooding any planet she can. This might've required that Byron teach his comrades how to swim, especially Taila. While doing it, the two start to bond more. Once Aqua was about to destroy the Mother Dam that would flood the entire area, Byron was able to stop her and have the hypocritical fish criminal sent to Oranos. Afterward, he and Taila confessed their love for each other, and the two become a couple.

There have been no other Villains Act attacks on Sioephus for a long time. That was when he learned about the Shell Lodgers taking down the Villains Act. After hearing about the AUU Grand Council's announcement on finding new recruits for the Heroes Act, he decided to find a way to prove that he was worthy to join them. And since the Villains Act fell, there was no need for the Sioephus Rebellion, so he and Taila founded the Two Up Society with his other friends. While Byron would eventually join the Heroes Act, Taila would be the secondary leader while he was gone to help the Sioephus Rangers defeat criminals.


Byron is an expert combatant, learning great hand-to-hand combat skills. After years of adventuring, Byron learned how to scale on walls and surfaces, sense his surroundings, and learn various other things. He has a great sense of smell, hearing, and sight, and has worked out enough to develop great stamina, reflexes, and agility. His main weapons are two combat boomerangs owned by his biological parents, which he can use to attack opponents, climb walls, target different things in the environment, and even to use as melee weapons.

When he joins the Heroes Act, Agent Solus gives him the identity of Tyl Daexter, a thylacoleo/thylacine UIS animal called a Loron, which had eight extendable canines in their mouths and were deadly semi-arboreal predators. Tyl is a nomad from the planet Aystral who fights with no side and does what is best after leaving his evil clan, wielding nothing but a large boomerang.

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