Atrick Osse Huncus
CEO Atrick Osse Huncus
Vital statistics
Title CEO Huncus
Gender Male
Race/Species Gruid-Human Hybrid
Faction Huncus Corporation
Description Wise, Noble, Resourceful, Clever, Unpredictable Nature
Skills and Abilities Natural Human/Gruid Abilities, Versatility, Natural Weapon Capabilities
Status Alive
Location Alternate UUniverses
  • Armatage-Huncus City, Gruy (Eta Universe, Eta Core Sector, Gnurtux System) (Hometown and Current Residence)
Alignment Neutral Good

CEO Atrick Osse Huncus is an Alternate UUniversal Human-Gruid Hybrid from Planet Gruy. He is a descendant of Teel Gosa Huncus, the creator of the Huncus Weapon Line in the AUU. Though the family had a feud with the Armatage Corporation for 190 years, their current descendants have made up and become good friends or romantic partners with their human-Gruid workers or family members. He is now friends with the current Armatage CEO, CEO Clinton Armatage, and their respective company HQs are right beside each other on Gruy in what is their rebuilt hometown destroyed by the black sheep of their families. Huncus and Armatage, as friends, fund each other's companies, even though their past feud had caused them legal issues including having similar weapon designs. They watch over their entire company, though some branches, like that of which is ruled by Awesome Jaxtom, easily evade their watch through a delusion of protection from evil. Though they have not avoided the common fighting issues of both families, they have adopted a Gruid son together named Erok, who was a street rat trying to cope with a tough homeless lifestyle and did fairly well until finding a better life with his two non-gay adopted fathers.


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