Backer Jaclo Stabbington
CEO Backer Stabbington
Vital statistics
Title CEO Stabbington, Back-Stab, CEO of Corruption Co.
Gender Male
Race/Species Tulvioran Ohrugan
Faction Villains Act (Formerly), The Dark Radicals
Description Mean Jerk, Greedy, Bitter
Skills and Abilities Left Hologram Glove, Right Self-Defense Blaster Glove, Backup Huncus Guns, Entire Company Forces At The Helm
Status Still at Large
Location Alternate UUniverses
  • Calmwater City, Cresctus (Delta Universe, Abdephomis Sector, Olliton System) (Hometown)
  • Radical Temple, Goalax (Eta Universe, Eta Core Sector, Gorvina System) (Current Residence)
Alignment Greedy Corporate Evil

Chief Executive Officer Backer J. Stabbington is an Alternate UUniversal Tulvioran Ohrugan from Planet Cresctus. He is the president and CEO of Corruption Co., the Villains Act's main source of primary technologies, and is currently still active, and serving for The Dark Radicals. Backer used to work as one of many CEOs for Globex Industries, and his time as such wasn't, really that of smooth sailing. He was a jerk because he was routinely harassed by his superiors for favoring too much about money after the aftermath of the Exo-Wars. As a result, he got fed up after he was threatened with unemployment, usurped a small branch of Globex, and claim it as his own, establishing it as Corruption Co, which served as the Villains Act's own version of Globex. This was considered to be "The Irony of The Infernus Rule", but it only made Globex to become much more careful on how they dealt with corrupt CEO's and other high rankers and the rule is otherwise still active.


Backer was born on the Ohrugan ecumenopolis planet of Cresctus, raised in a run-down sector filled with junky alleys as his family was poor and couldn't afford much. Backer was fascinated with science, and became a tinkerer, and had hoped that his skills could earn him the money he needed to support his family and get them off their feet. However, none of his inventions got him anywhere. But then came the day when one of his inventions were accidentally discovered by a worker for Globex, and it ended up helping him become very successful. He gave Backer all the credit as he should, and Backer earned the money that got his family out of the filth into a new home.

Backer soon became a great worker for Globex as his inventions turned out much better, and each time, he earned a ton of money. As the years passed, his achievements earned him experience, and this experience earned him a position as one of the CEOs of Globex by the end of the Interuniversal War. Backer worked as a prized CEO for decades until his earnings made him a bit greedy to the point where he was looking bad, especially since greedy CEOs meant risking another Exo-Wars. Over the next few years, and by 1994, Backer became a controversial figure in the Globex CEO board. His constant harassment and warnings about taking his career seriously made him an extreme jerk. This escalated until 1997, when his actions earned him the risk of being fired, his superiors ordering him to either take his job seriously and stop being greedy, or be unemployed.

Fed up about the ultimatum, and knowing that it would risk his 'perfect' career, he abandoned the CEO board as soon as the Villains Act rose to power. He found a nearly-extinct branch of Globex which was still under bankruptcy as the result of the Exo-Wars, even after the Interuniversal War as it was deemed useless, Backer usurped the position of leader using his experience, gave the Villains Act full access to the branch, and thus converted it into what's known as Corruption Corps, which would be the Villains Act's primary source of technology.

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