Bertron Gogue Blacktrey
Vital statistics
Title President of Long-Defunct CrimeTech, Ancestor of CEO Vacoh Quqe Blacktrey
Gender Male
Race/Species Mephean
Faction CrimeTech
Description Power-Hungry Profiteer, Sadistic and Abrasive
Skills and Abilities Adaptive Criminal Mastermind, Entire Criminal Technology At The Helm, Natural Racial Abilities
Status Long-Deceased
Location Alternate UUniverses
  • Ataxia (Location coming soon...) (Homeworld)
Alignment Profiting Evil
CEO Bertron Gogue Blacktrey was an Alternate UUniversal Mephean from Planet Ataxia. He was a distant criminal business owner and the founder of the previous long-defunct form CrimeTech, which was reckitnised as "Bertron's CrimeTech", which ran for over 76 years, which he ran throughout his lifetime since his race had that kind of longevity without wearing out with age. CrimeTech at the time was a private organizational business that hid very well from law enforcement. including the Globex Confederacy of Corporations. It was run widely by criminals of all types who would be paid to do the biggest of crimes, and even formed an entire community in the process, and since it was in the midst of a period of which the United Sentient Races Alliance was still considerabley new and growing, and long before the Exo-Wars, and at the time, the AUU were in a period of economic and interuniversal depression, historically called 'The Great Stagnation', which lasted from 1412-1577 AD, where hundreds of worlds were in brief periods of poverty for one reason or another, thus since law-enforcement and aid of all sources at the time was limited and recovering from situations like budget and efficiency, it meant that crime can go nuts, and thus Bertron founded this business during the early days of this period. CrimeTech would be known to buy 98% of the AUU's worlds and improve on them fairly well, turning it into an elaborate society. This would form a society of survival and being weary of dangers and the AUU was in a similar society in tone to Battlestar Galactica. However, while heroes would be suffering like the rest and times were tough for them, one family discovered a way to revolutionize justice. This family, called the Morecrafts, were an inter-species family which, despite being raised on lawless worlds or lawless sectors, developed an antihero society, and they were capable of shutting down CrimeTech for good after defeating Bertron, and putting him in prison. But while CrimeTech was dead, it didn't save it's capital, as the unemployed employees of CrimeTech grew sour and formed a rebellion, transforming Ataxia into a lawless world, and eventually it grew to the point where every lawless world in the AUU would come into existence. This ended up causing the Morecrafts to decline, leaving only a handful of individuals standing. But both the Morecrafts and Bertron's legacy would never die out within the next few centuries. By the time the Villains Act formed, two descendants came into existence: CEO Vacoh Quqe Blacktrey, the ancestor of Bertron, and Solo Morecraft, one of the current descendants of the Morecrafts. Vacoh would honor his ancestor's legacy and restore CrimeTech 16 months, aptly named "Vacoh's CrimeTech", before the Villains Act came, and Morecraft was raised on Ataxia among a lawless society. To honor his legacy, Solo would seek to take down CrimeTech, but not without help, and not just from his dozens of friends, but also from the Heroes Act as soon as Ataxia recovers from centuries of anarchy, not only weakening CrimeTech, but also alerting the Heroes Act through the high concentration of law-enforcement. Thus another repeat of history is imminent. Bertron is long-deceased by this point.


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