Carajeansen Brogy Eroxxon
Vital statistics
Title CEO Eroxxon, CEO of Eroxxon Corporation
Gender Male
Race/Species Acrillisape
Faction None
Description Seeking To Improve The AUU, Charismatic, Determined
Skills and Abilities Natural Primate Abilities
Status Alive
Location Alternate UUniverses
  • Oggo (Location coming soon...) (Homeworld, Current Residence)
Alignment Neutral Good
CEO Carajeansen B. Eroxxon is an Alternate UUniversal Acrillisape from Planet Oggo. He is known to be the current president and CEO of the Eroxxon Corporation, and is the great grandson of it's founder. The Eroxxon Corporation is a long-running conglomerate megacorporation that once specialized in fossil fuels on it's capital planet of Oggo until their obsolete status lead to them starting to specialize in alternative fuel and renewable resources and power, as well as a waste disposal center, and selling what little fossil fuels were left in the market since their disbanding. Thus they bought any and all available fossil fuel mining companies to try and aid in the outdating status of fossil fuels, whether they liked it or not, through contractual obligation signed by the United Sentient Races Alliance, yet some companies, like the Tiris Mining Corporation have scoffed at this and pushed this contract asided as null and void because of the USRA's disbansion, and only the signing of a human, the last remaining USRA race for the progress, could pass the contract to later governing bodies, and since humans were evacuated and have yet to return for the time permitting and leaving no governing humans to do the job and no apparent backup plan, along side a more forgiving excuse that some of these companies are from worlds still in their early tec stages where oil is still relitively needed and litterally can't afford to forsake it as a practice until better opitions happen, some have used this to continue their fossil fuel business without being under contract to resign their business. To this day, Carajeansen tries to find a way to get this contract back on track so he can complete his goal, and other then law, it would have to be because of either one of said scoffers changing, or if the contract had someone who thought ahead and made an emergency clause so any remaining human can sign the contract.


Coming soon...

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