Magmwo Ton Juncker
Vital statistics
Title CEO Juncker, President and CEO of the MagRyve Corporation
Gender Male
Race/Species Goldstone Junkogont (Siliconapsis aurensis)
Faction MagRyve Corporation
Description Tough, Gross, Assertive
Skills and Abilities Natural Animal Abilities, Mechanical Genius
Status Alive
Location Alternate UUniverses
  • Magobah (Gamma Universe, Tobani Sector, Occil System)
Alignment Neutral Businessman

Magmwo Ton Juncker is an Alternate UUniversal Junkogont from Planet Magobah. He is a large AUU silicovorous (metal eating) gold-headed synapsid and the current CEO of the MagRyve Corporation, a corporation that provides in technological salvation and cleansing, doing things such as cleaning Pharagu, as well as doing profitable things such as mining on Ocollo. Being a lifetime friend of CEO Torguen Futuredawn of the civilization rebuilding and anti-cataclysmic Futuredawn Corporation and CEO Aros Teymourtash of the masterful terraforming business of Terre Industries, the three consider their dream of saving lives from the many types of cataclysms possible serious business, and will not hesitate to do anything to save and restore communities and even make new ones.

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