Vacoh Quqe Blacktrey
Vital statistics
Title CEO Blacktrey II, Second CEO of long-defunct CrimeTech, Descendant of CEO Bertron Gogue Blacktrey
Gender Male
Race/Species Mephean
Faction CrimeTech
Description Greedy Power-Hungry Criminal Profiteer
Skills and Abilities Just As Skilled, Or Even More, In Crime As His Ancestor, Natural Reptomammalian Being Abilities, Skilled In Self-Defense Using Weapons And Hand-to-Hand Combat, Perfect Leading Figure
Status Locked Up On Oranos
Location Alternate UUniverses
  • Deadcity Wastes, Vulgun (Gamma Universe, Tobani Sector, Vhigus System) (Hometown)
  • Ataxia (Location coming soon...) (CrimeTech Residence)
Alignment Criminal Evil
CEO Vacoh Quqe Blacktrey is an Alternate UUniversal Mephean from Planet Vulgun. He is the descendant of a previous criminal business owner named CEO Bertron Gogue Blacktrey, who owned the widely-popular, widespread, but now long-defunct CrimeTech, which was reckitnised modernly as "Vacoh's CrimeTech", whereas his ansister's was called "Bertreon's CrimeTech", headquartered on the lawless planet of Ataxia and easily avoiding the best of law enforcement including the Globex Confederacy of Corporations. But since it's disbanding by a widely-infamous antihero family called the Morecrafts, Ataxia has become like all the other lawless worlds, as, in retaliation for the loss of their high-paid jobs, the employees of CrimeTech declared a revolution and turned Ataxia into the lawless world it is today. Centuries later, Vacoh was born on Vulgun, a former human colony, and raised in a lawless sector by a crime tech mentor, had friends in the form of gamblers and smugglers, and grew with a 'mastery of evil' just like his founding ancestor, though with no interest in being 'cartoonish evil' in terms to the ideals of conquest or even anything worthy of being an analyst as he's mainly out to do illegal business. He spent his pre-teen life as a multi-occupational worker as a black market dealer, trader, arms dealer, gambler, and an occasional smuggler depending on if he thinks he can pull this job off or not. But surprisingly, his career earned him a ton of money, and allowed him to not only grow his business with his friends, but also gain more supporters. But he was eventually forced to relocate his business after losing to an evenly-matched multi-occupational competitor, continuing his business on Ataxia. This business would someday earn him the cunning, power, and experience to restore CrimeTech to it's former glory 16 months before the founding of the Villains Act, and later on bigger than ever as it would start to support villain activity by providing any and all power with a payable fee, though CrimeTech never outright joined the VA, Vacoh not seeing himself as "The Conquest Type", merely a businessmen who prefers to do business in the dark, not to say that he was shy in giving some VA villains service in it's early days. But apart from that, CrimeTech and The Va kept a mostly hands-off relationship, and mostly perfered to leave eachother to each of their own devices. CrimeTech would continue to keep neutroly distent with the forces of the VA, even dispite that the reign of the Villains Act was promising to them as a dystopian UUniverses was a time in which crime could go nuts. But a much bigger reason is because Blacktrey was forming a stiff competition with Corruption Co., the Villains Act's main source of science and technology, as he and CEO Backer Stabbington grew into fierce rivals when circumstance caused CrimeTech to be reduced to non-Villains Act jobs due to Corruption Co. being far more reliable than them. Thus, CrimeTech severed already small ties to the VA and continued to do their own business without them. However, since the fall of the Villains Act, and the growing recovery from the AUU's dystopian days, CrimeTech started to suffer when Ataxia started to have a competent and proactive government when it began retiring as an anarchic planet, which meant that, with crime slowly dying down, CrimeTech was under threat of going down with them to the point that the majority of it's trades were either cancelled or shut down by active athority. Corruption Co. saw a rare moment of pity and offered CrimeTech some chance to survive, albeit as a new branch of Corruption Co. But Vacoh was a 'man of self-reliance' as he refused to merge CrimeTech with Corruption Co. despite the warnings of his rival that refuseal will be a huge mistake that will cause him to share the same fate as his ancestor, yet Vacoh did not want anything to do with it's reputation with the Villains Act and it's many exploits as he viewed inclusion as just another reason for the authorities to 'further ruin business'. Yet he realized that this would be a big mistake as the Heroes Act will soon start to discover their presence thanks to the increase in law-enforcement on Ataxia, meaning that a raid on their last CrimeTech location and another decommissioning of CrimeTech itself will be imminent. But little does the Heroes Act know that they're not the only ones out to shut down CrimeTech and make sure it stays defunct, as it turns out, the Morecrafts did not truly die out with time, and it may come back to bite them when a Morecraft raised on Ataxia will be there to be a possible aid to the HA, despite the fact that, given his home planet is getting more proactive justice, he and his dozens of friends may have to change residence.


Coming soon...

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