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Lassity Elmira Adcallus
Vital statistics
Title Junior Cadet Lassity
Gender Female
Race/Species Greater Solaraptor (Solaraptor prime)
Faction The United Usurpation Force
Description Grief-Struck, PTSD, Aggressive, Bold, Shallow
Skills and Abilities Natural Animal Abilities, UUF-Standard-Issue Protosuit, ISD Port, Vast Variety of Weaponry
Status Alive
Location Alternate UUniverses
  • Soltomn (Zeta Universe, Maxxus Sector, Moxowoll System) (Homeworld)
  • Botriff (Theta Universe, Cibarron Sector) (Current Residence)
Alignment Antiheroine

Lassity E. Adcallus is an Alternate UUniversal Solaraptor from Planet Soltomn. She is the ex-girlfriend of Agent Solus who was the daughter of Soltomn's previous leader B'adcallus, a name she forbids anybody from referring to her father to. After watching her father being brutalized by UIS, spefificly King Buuull, for trying to turn his planet to the USRA due to being allured by the ideals of the USRA. Lassity came to believe that the UIS' bitterness ruling them was dangerous, not realizing that independence means nothing if nobody's allowed to make certain decisions. She broke up with Solus and went off to join The United Usurpation Force, wanting so badly to have her father back from his imprisonment in the Eta Station. This changed her into a shallow angry hothead with a sensitive trigger finger, refusing to even talk about Solus and stick to her goals, especially with her own squad that was just like her, including a Trajectan named Vostok VanHurter, a Bleeden named Suku Buston, a Mechton named Torge Sanates, a Bizzid named Milio Contes, a Spidiriton named Massiter, and a combat robot named Combo. But thanks to some tough assertion from the anonymous Miria of Highstone, including rescuing them from OV, Lassity was convinced to give Solus another chance as a member of the Heroes Act, only without her squad because of their stubbornness, thought Combo was the only open one but was kept from joining with Lassity, because he didn't want the team devided, unintentionally giving a worse threat more pawns in the process. Alchourse, she still has her stern attatude to UIS to work out, espeically when she is still sour about King Buuull and Commodore Vrex spefificly, Buuull for the fact he smacked her father around, and Vrex for rubbing salt into her personal wounds about what was happening to him, though her stances with Madam President and Grandmind are not exactly any better because they neither scolded nor called out Buuull's and Vrex's actions, even if she understood that what her father did was extremely stupid and a betrayal to UIS standerds, it's just she wants to feel like that UIS has any semblence of self-control and to not be ruled by anger and bitterness of being wronged by the USRA, feeling that treating others poorly for doing undesireable actions isn't helping their cases, feeling like even the otherwise Benvolent Grandmind and the lawful Madam President of the Skeps aren't doing enough to reel in the worse natures of their members and are being guilty of their own acts of entitlement, so not exactly a traditional UIS-Hater, more like a hater of what she is afraid of what UIS would become if their issues aren't being addressed soon.


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