Cae Ubum Aran
Caelus Aran
Vital statistics
Title Caelus Aran
Gender Male
Race/Species Lakiti (Pyroderbatar infernoxous)
Faction Villains Act
Description Mentally Unstable, Superpowered, Intelligent Madman
Skills and Abilities Inventive Intelligence, Natural Semi-Aquatic Nature, Jumping Height, Long Tongue, And Skin Poison, Upgraded AI Hoverboard Fit With Seeker Missiles and Rapid-Firing Recharging Phasers, Dual Vibroknives, Durable Armored Suit With Life-Support And Serum Chassis, And A Recharging Energy Shield, Nano Detonators With Adjustable Explosive Type, And Retractable Arm Blades
Status Locked Up
Location Alternate UUniverses
  • Larcodon (Eta Universe, Lariclum Sector, Yeeg System) (Homeworld)
  • Oranos (Imprisonment Location)
Alignment Insane Evil

Cae U. Aran, AKA Caelus Aran, is an Alternate UUniversal Lakiti from Planet Larcodon. He was the owner of a less-successful business called Caemechanicon. However, an experiment to save him from a mysterious and rare aging sickness ends up going awry and turns him into a mad yet overconfident and moronic supervillain. Calling himself Caelus Aran, he joins the Villains Act to cause mayhem throughout the UUniverses with his upgraded T5-Sabazios Hoverboard, and vast arsenal of weaponry and gadgets. However, he actually often has NO idea what he's even doing and ends up hurting himself more than the people he sought to harm. He is often defeated many times by his arch-nemesis Sky Surfer. He has similar personalities and weapons to the Green Goblin, only with a blend of Verminious Snap-Trap from TUFF Puppy. As a type of poison-dart frog, his touch is devastatingly toxic, and could burn for 20 seconds. But since he thought that poisoning people was less exciting, he prefers to wear gloves, and only uses his poison rarely as a self-defense.


Cae was born on Planet Larcodon as the son of a successful business partner of CEO Jordom Toppler, Vice-CEO Cayrall Aran. However, Cayrall was dying to a mysterious, rare, and horrendous disease that causes rapid aging and a shorter lifespan. Jordom's many attempts to save his partner ended in failure, and Cayrall eventually died of the disease. Cae was adopted by the regretful Jordom to try and give him a father, but Cae was all too aware of the situation and never recovered from his emotional wounds. Cae ended up growing up troubled and increasingly resentful of Jordom, and his resentment infected his ability of being a smart kid. It started to effect his ability to do well in school, having a social life or even just being a good kid. By his teens, he dumped being part of the Toppler Corporation and went to make his own corporation called 'Caemechanicon'. But while it grew quickly, it was easily over-shadowed by Topplers due to being more 'recognized' and 'trusted'.

Jordom kept tabs on Cae, fearing for his well-being. After getting a doctor's report, Jordom went and warned Cae that his father's disease was genetic and that he had inherited the same disease. This made Cae go insane as he forcefully had Jordom escorted out, not even thanking him for his warning. In desperation to save his own life, Cae was forced to make a questionable experiment with a serum he had hoped could cure this mysterious disease, and tested it on himself. But while it worked, it also affected his mind greatly. While the serum got rid of the disease, the reaction damaged part of his brain making him even more insane and also a bit moronic. He came to the conclusion that Topplers should belong to him, and so he stole an experimental hoverboard and a few weapons, and trashed his own company for no reason.

Hopped up on newfound insanity, Cae went after Topplers, kept Jordom hostage, and took over the entire company including it's staff, it's technology, and it's experiments. However, Jordom's son, Orban, was already aware of the problem and came to rescue his father and his company, eventually became Sky Surfer. Orban tried to reason Cae out of his own madness, but Cae was simply too far gone and attempted to kill Jordom. However Cae ended up making a fool out of himself when his experimental ray backfired on him, and Orban was able to defeat him in a fight despite his impressive fighting skills. But Cae escaped and swore revenge on the Topplers. In sad regret, Jordom bought the crumbled Caemechanicon and merged it with the company to remember Cae as what he was, and not what he turned into.

Cae was recruited into the Villains Act because of the technology he had and almost became a known danger for what he can do right, but almost every time he was defeated and countered by Sky Surfer, forming an epic rivalry known throughout the AUU.

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