Calypso Mojo
Vital statistics
Title Prince Calypso
Gender Male
Race/Species Equestrian Mesohippus
Faction Mesoequestria Kingdom
Description Spoonerism, Young Age, Shy
Skills and Abilities Little to None For His Age
Status Lost on Surface of Equestria
Location Mesoequestria, Equestria (Subterranean Homeland)

Current Location Unknown

Alignment Good

Prince Calypso Mojo is a young Equestrian Mesohippus, or a prehistoric pony that was thought to have gone extinct in Equestria after it's Windigo Ice Age, but have actually retreated underground to avoid predators, and have also decided to treat each other warmly to avoid freezing to death in the Windigo's ice. Calypso is the son of King Hippus, a unicorn Mesohippus and ruler of the underground world of Mesoequestria. Unfortunately, he got lost after his father's greedy brother Prince Moneybags used his black magic to put a curse on Mesoequestria and begins levying taxes causing a Great Depression. After Calypso had overheard his plans and attempted to warn his father, he was captured and cursed into never revealing anything about Moneybags to anyone, and was taken away from his homeland. As a result, Calypso was lost in the surface world of Equestria suffering under Moneybags' curse for several months until he lost his memory of what he heard about Moneybags' plan and couldn't remember why he was lost. All he knew was that he wanted to go home.


Birth and Fillyhood

Calypso was born in the underground world of Mesoequestria, located under the world of Equestria. Calypso was born as an earth Mesohippus even though his father, King Hippus Mojo, ruler of Mesoequestria, was a unicorn. But Queen Regina, Calypso's mother, and earth pony ruler of Mesoequestria, had died giving birth to Calypso that following day. Since then, Calypso has been the heir to his father's throne.

When Calypso became a young filly, he didn't take kindly to strangers due to being extremely shy for his age. He was clumsy but adorable. He didn't even know for sure what cutie marks were for, and didn't even care or bother to try to earn it. He decided to just wait for it to come. Over time, he learned to talk quickly, but the trouble was he was using spoonerism (Or a weird error in speech or deliberate play of words in which corresponding words, consonants, and vowels are switched. "I laid your munch for you, father. (I made your lunch)" for example).

But his life got terrible pretty quickly a year later. King Hippus's brother, Prince Moneybags, planned to overthrow him and take his power, and levy taxes to increase his power. He used his black magic abilities to bewitch his brother's guards into serving him in order to help defeat his brother. But unknown to them, Calypso was watching in secret. He went off to warn his father, but Moneybags sensed his presence, and teleports him directly to his location, where the bewitched guards pinned him down. He tried calling for help, but Moneybags cursed him to become totally mute, allowing the guards to knock him out quietly.

When Calypso woke up an hour later, he was in a prison cell chained to the wall. The muting curse placed on him had worn off, but it still wouldn't help because he was extremely isolated, and no one could hear him scream. There he stayed for a 30 minutes crying for half the time until Prince Moneybags and his bewitched guards came in, and Moneybags had stolen his brother's crown. Moneybags tells Calypso that no one will be saving him anymore, and that his father had been imprisoned where no one would find him. But he also says that he wouldn't dare to kill his own nephew and risk being arrested for murder. He instead placed a curse on him that prevented him from revealing Moneybags' plans to anyone he sees, and exiles him to the surface where no one would find him after knocking him out once again.

Calypso woke up again an hour later to see he was not home anymore. He was now on the surface of Equestria. He was amazed by the colorfulness of the scenery and the cool clear sky and the blinding Sun, both of which he had never seen in his life since he was born under the ground where the plants were dull green and the light from the surface made the sky bright orange and no cloud could be seen. But while he was amazed, the thought of being away from home was devastating for him. He was forbidden to go for help, and could never go back home. But he had to do something, so he spent the next few weeks searching for civilization. Over time, the curse erased his memory of Moneybags' plan, and now he thought about nothing but going home. He soon came to Ponyville, but because he was so shy, he was scared to show his face to strangers, especially to these new species of pony he had never come across in his life. But he had to go there sooner or later because if he doesn't, then he might spend the rest of his life hiding in shadows.

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