When the Cutie Marker was finally defeated, everyone was shocked to discover that he wasn't an actual hippogriff at all, or at least not anymore. He was actually a Slendermane-Esque creature known as a Blanker, a spirit of both ponies, hippogriffs, or any creature that can bare cutie marks that are the end result of what becomes of them when they either disrespect the idea of cutie marks, or in lesser and rare occasions, fail to get cutie marks and are collected away by an ancient creature feared among ponies known commenly as the Blank Collector, or by his true name, Lord Blankslate, a Vultureman creation of Lord Order before the Chaos Wars, meant to keep pony society perfect from those that fail to get their speical purpose in life. Back then, Order had little tolerance to Blank Flanks and deemed them unfit pieces of a grand design, so he turned his pet vulture into Blankslate and began the cycle of making young ponies become determined to get their cutie marks or else they will be collected and rendered into Blankers, which in term encourage Blank Flank mistreatment to begin with because of them being doomed to an inevitable fate. However, due to Order's downfall, ponies began to lose their fear of Blankslate, and it got worse when Nightus and Heavenslight in their young days inspired ponies to no longer put up with Blankslate, encourage them that he is not real to make future generations unafraid before a possible discovery, and to never let him collect another Blank Flank, forcing him to retreat and never be seen again. Ever since, he watched and grew disgusted and bitter on how pony and hippogriff society came to mistreat cutie marks, from the invention of Cutie Mark Communism, ponies trying to cheat the cutie mark system Blankslate worships to a fault, Ponies like Starlight using Cutie Mark Communisum to try and get revenge on Cutie Marks for petty reasons, and recently, ponies deciding they won't want cutie marks, this being from Rumble. Because of being offended by what Rumble did, Blankslate finally decided to make it that pony society respects and fears him again by posing as having the blanker pose as his former form, but with a new identity named Cutie Marker and make up the story that he's related to Beak-Buck regardless of legitimate proof, have him used as a spy on ponies that were trying to cheat out of getting marks on their own, then to report to him to then send other Blankers to capture those ponies and turn them into Blankers. Now Blankslate wants to turn Rumble into a Blanker for his 'defilement' to the Alicorn name and to pony kind, but thanks to the Crusaders interfering with his aim to get Rumble, he intends to 'bend the rules a bit' and use his cutie mark magic to take away their cutie marks so he can turn them into Blankers for nearly ruining his plans. As such, he does so and takes them to his own bigger version of Starlight's Cutie Vault in the mountain near Shareville, right in his own mountain called Mount Blankslate, where he came to hold up secret residence ever since he failed to encourage the word of Blankslate many times before, as well as failing to do the same for others like in Shareville, always being liberated more than once, with the use of these secret vault creations of Beak-Buck. Now our heroes have to cope with one big twist and stop the real mastermind of the problem and defeat what is essentially a Cutie Mark Boogeyman for Blank Flanks and an army of Slendermane Clones.


The Unexpected Reveal

  • The Cutie Marker laid defeated as his lair of cutie marks was ruined.
  • Applebloom: ".... Let that teach you a lesson on tnever messing with Cutie Marks ever again, you big creep!"
  • The Cutie Marker continued to be silent as he was still outcold.....
  • Lupin: "...... Uhhhhh..... Cutbeak? You..... You can get up now. This is basicly the part where you get up, get mad at us and do the usual villain rant, and swear.... Revenge? Okay, Cut, seriously, this is a VERY poor attempt at a joke in the WORSE possable time for you to do that!"
  • Rainbow Dash: "..... I, think he's either knocked out, or dead."
  • Boss Wolf: "I didn't hammered him THAT hard!"
  • Twilight: "..... Cutbeak? (Walks up to him.)...... Are you okay? (Tries to move him, but then suddenly saw that a crack of magic broke part of the Cutie Marker's body, surprising and shocking the group!) DAHHH?!"
  • Twilight quickly backed away as The Cutie Marker's body began to break into pieces and shatter like glass as light began to shine from it!
  • Cutie-Marker bursted into a flash of light as his body scattered about like a broken vase!
  • The Flash Faded as the heroes looked in shocked to the figure on the floor.....
  • Applebloom: "..... M-m-m-m-m-m-m-m-m-m-Mr..... Cuite..... Marker?"
  • The figure slowly climbed up to it's feet in a dramatic tension as heart-beats are heard.
  • The Fillies and Colts began to sweat as the heart-beats get faster!
  • The Figure turned to reveil that it is a Slendermane-Eqsed Creature frighteningly as the Fillies and Colts screamed!
  • Duke: "The What Collecter?"
  • ???: "I, have not, been called that, for a long..... Long..... Time."
  • Loud stomps are heard as a large Vulture-shaped figure began to approuch from the shadows as more "Blankers" appeared creeply from the shadows.
  • The Fillies and Colts, and even now the Equestian Adults but Gilda, began to shake and shiver at the sight of the slowy reveiled vulture man in anichent looking attire.
  • Icky: ".... Oh great. Another Man-Vulture. What, is this guy the end result of a science project gone wrong too?"
  • Applejack: "That's, That's the Blank Collecter..... Lord Blankslate."
  • Spongebob: "His uh.... Name is, Lord Blankslate....?..... (He and Patrick, joined by Thunderclap, the Hyenas and the Raptors, Icky, Iago, Shen and Po began to laugh uncontrobaly at Lord Blankslate's name, to his clear unamusement.)"
  • Spongebob: "(Sighs)..... Listen, buddy. (Comes up to Blankslate casually and leans on him to the Ponies bewildering shock). You caught us in the good mood today, because we just defeated the Cutie Marker and stopped him on his plans, so we're gonna let you off with a warning. Just go ahead, back to the scary dark cave you crawled out of with your Slendermane army and we'll be taking the poines back home, okay big guy? Okay."
  • Lord Blankslate: "(Groans)...... (Smacks Patrick across the room!)"
  • Patrick screams!
  • Spongebob: "PATRICK?!"
  • CRASH?!
  • Patrick was seen knocked out and covered in artifical cutie marks.
  • Patrick: "(As fried chicken legs danced around him) Hot, wings."
  • Lord Blankslate: "...... I..... Am not.... To be, triffled with, outsider...... I, AM, LORD BLANKSLATE?! The Order Keeper of Cutie Marks, and punisher of those that fail to follow their destines!"
  • Icky: "Well, if you're here about Cutie Marker, ya didn't had to go give him the Chakashi/Dust Coyotes treatment! We were already gonna punish that possable desendent of Cutie Mark Communisum's founder ourselves."
  • Lord Blankslate began to laugh!
  • Lord Shen: "And what, I dare say, is so funny?"
  • Lord Blankslate: "I am amused on how you, "noble heroes", failed to completely see through the deception of Blankbeak's roose. There IS, no desendent of Beak-Buck's clan that came to Equestia to sell fake Cutie Marks. Certainly not, at the very least, no direct or indirect desendent by "Cutie Marker's" Caliber. He didn't even acted like he was from Beak-Buck's ilk! You'd think he would want to use his powers to bring forth a new Cutie Mark Communisum reign as suppose to help Blankflanks cheat on getting destenies like the worthless defects they are."
  • Fluttershy: "Please don't insult him, he'll get mad?!"


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