Cannon Fodder
Cannon Fodder
Vital statistics
Title Pirate Rainbow Dash
Gender Female
Race/Species Equestrian Pegasus
Faction Sky Pirate Friend For Evening Sprinkle, Adopted Daughter to Captain Jameson Antlers
Description Trigger-Happy, Tomboyish, Reckless, Extreme, Strong, Loyal To Friends And Family
Skills and Abilities Natural Flight, Speed, Weather Manipulation, Swordsmanship
Status Alive
Location Equestria
  • Cloudshire (Hometown)
  • Sky Pirate Isle (Mobile Current Residence)
Alignment Antihero Pirate

Cannon Fodder is an Equestrian Pegasus from the cloud city of Cloudshire just above the Celestial Sea. She is a strong-willed, cocky, arrogant, and competitive pirate pony who started out with a single father that was a legendary risk-taker, and this became the impression that Cannon Fodder has now. She has since gotten her own small ship and became an independent voyager. She later came into contact with Evening Sprinkle, and joined her on her quest to stop a crocodile pirate from Klugetown named Crockett from stealing a sensitive pirate-destroying treasure, and later on get adopted by Captain Jameson Antlers when they were at Crockett's mercy. She continues to be a good friend and adopted sibling to Evening and has her back within the skies, and lends her ship to them as their own. She is a pirate version of Rainbow Dash.


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