The Arrows were won by the Lougers cause, actselly, they discovered that Kleanon, outside of being abit aggresive, wasn't guilty of true sin, and choose to leave him be, while Falconnerd prosicuted him harshfully, making him truely unworthy of the arrows. This put the Lougers and Falconnerd on even ground that they both each have two of each of the 6 talesments, as now, two are left. Zonazra now showed him that he now needs to get The Cape of Peace, which is actselly hidden in a secret temple, under the land now The Valley of Peace. Falconnered, with the sword and sheild in pocession, decides to hire local mercenaires to aide him in finding the Cape of Peace. Now, the Lougers and the New Jade Palace Masters must get in the way of Falconnerd and his temorary allies before he gets the cape, and unknowingly awake a sleeping great giant that guards the temple with it's life!

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