Capper Dapperpaws

Capper Dapperpaws is an anthropomorphic cat from Equestria appearing in the 2017 My Little Pony Movie. A conniving cat con artist, and a wealthy nobleman once upon a time. Capper lost everything he had when he fell into debt to The Storm King long ago, and has since resorted to swindling others just to make ends meet, wanting nothing more than to return to a proper life of luxury. From Abyssinia in the city of Panthera and currently living in the sector of Klugetown, he became a con artist to support himself, missing his aristocratic life until he has a change of heart when meeting the Mane Six who help defeat Storm King. He is voiced by Taye Diggs (Bandleader in Chicago).


IDW Comics

Capper, minus his red coat, appears on pages 5 and 11 of My Little Pony: The Movie Prequel Issue #1, where his hometown of Panthera, Abyssinia is invaded by the Storm King and his minions. Capper, alongside his friend Chummer, also appears on page 16 witnessing the Storm King's ship get pillaged by a gang of pirate parrots.

In Issue #2, Capper and Chummer stow away on one of the Storm King's ships and end up being dragged along during the sky pirates' attack. Celaeno offers to let them join her pirate crew, and they accept. When the Storm King catches up, Capper and Chummer hijack one of the empty airships and make their own getaway.

Capper's origin story serves as the basis of My Little Pony: The Movie Prequel Issue #3. After their escape from the Storm King in Issue #2, Capper and Chummer's airship crashes in the desert. They eventually find their way to Klugetown, where they scam and pickpocket for money and food. While Chummer is content with this lifestyle, Capper dreams of leaving the life of a thief behind one day. Their thievery soon draws the attention of local crime boss Verko, and they decide to sell him the Misfortune Malachite in exchange for an airship to leave Klugetown.

However, Chummer, unwilling to give up the life of a thief, betrays both Capper and Verko and tries to leave with the airship and the Malachite. When Capper attempts to stop him, the airship is accidentally set on fire. As Chummer abandons Capper in Klugetown and departs on the burning airship, Capper dons a red coat and renounces his friendship with Chummer.

MLP Movie

Capper first takes notice of the Mane Six after they enter Klugetown and get on the bad side of one of the merchants by trying to help him with his stock. When he notices them further get themselves in trouble with more of the locals, he finally steps in to scare off the crowd with saying that the ponies are carrying a potentially fatal disease. Once the crowd disperses, Capper formally introduces himself to the Mane Six and offers to guide them around Klugetown. Through a song, he takes them to his home, but secretly telling a local outside it that he plans on selling the Mane Six to mob boss Verko to pay off his own debt.

While there, Twilight discovers a map leading to Mount Aris, home of the Hippogriffs, and the Queen that Celestia had mentioned during the siege on Canterlot. Realizing Capper had been deceiving them, the Mane Six prepare to leave, but Capper offers to take them to Mount Aris personally on his airship, only to open the door to reveal Verko waiting outside, exposing Capper for the con-artist he was. Things get worse when Tempest Shadow and Grubber arrive, but a distraction from Verko scoping out Tempest gives the Mane Six time to escape and reach the Klugetown Docks to escape on a departing airship.

Capper is taken prisoner by Tempest, demanding to know where Twilight is heading, but just as Capper is about to tell her that the Mane Six are heading to Mount Aris, he remembers the generosity Rarity did for him with fixing up his coat, and lies to Tempest, saying they are heading for Black Skull Island. Taking him on his word, Tempest brings Capper along with her on her airship to make sure he's telling her the truth.

However, when Grubber spots a sonic rainboom in the distance, Tempest realizes Capper lied to her, and changes her airship's course to pursue another airship with rainbow sails that the rainboom occurred around.

When Tempest catches up to the ship, captained by Celaeno, when she discovered that the Mane Six had been on board and escaped again, after learning of Twilight's true destination being Mount Aris, Tempest brings Capper onto Celaeno's ship, where he tries to explain himself, but furious over Celaeno and Capper's deception, Tempest rips the ship apart with them still on it.

Luckily, Capper survived the ship's demise, and meets up with the Mane Six again after overhearing that Twilight had been captured by Tempest and taken back to Canterlot. Though they are still wary of him because of what happened back in Klugetown, when Capper shows that he's joined their cause and wants to help them, joined by Celaeno and her crew, along with Princess Skystar, they head back to Canterlot to help Twilight.

In order to slip past the Storm Guards at the main gate into the capital, Capper poses as a baker making a delivery to the Storm King with a congratulatory cake that secretly contained Celaeno, her crew, and Skystar, while the Mane Six acted as Capper's prisoners he was bringing back to join those already enslaved in the capital. Though the guards are initially hesitant to let him pass, the soon concede and allow him entry, but Grubber soon exposes the plan when he tries the cake, forcing Celaeno, her crew, and Skystar to reveal themselves. While they hold off the Storm Guards, Capper and the Mane Six head for the royal castle. When they find their path blocked by more Storm Guards in the castle courtyard, Capper and Spike team up to deal with them, with Capper using Spike as a flamethrower.

They survive the battle to retake Canterlot, and Capper joins everyone in watching Songbird Serenade's concert that night as the Friendship Festival resumes in earnest, with Rarity presenting Capper with a new top hat and cape to go with his coat.


He is of the song-and-dance variety, much like the Flim-Flam Brothers from the show, though not entirely by choice, since it's the only way he can make a living, complimenting his voice actor. Though while no means a pure bad guy, he goes from scamming the Mane Six to becoming their ally. Despite his smooth talking and confidence, he's deeply insecure about his appearance, as well as how he turned into a petty thief after his fall from grace.

He is an aristocrat who fell on hard times after the Storm King plundered his country's wealth, forcing him to turn to a life of crime.


  • "Capper's the name, charming's my game!"
  • "Alright, ya'll, I think our coast is clear. Ya'll ready to do this thang?"
  • "Ya'll ponies are crazy!"

Role in the Series

Ever since rescuing the ponies after feeling bad for selling them out to The Storm King to pay off his debt to Verko, he has become a good ally to the Mane Six and company, and it's revealed that Verko has preferred to keep away from him ever since to avoid angering his new friends. It's also revealed that his old friend Chummer became a rookie for the Guardians of Harmony, and though he still doesn't trust him for his betrayal, he still tries to open to him again.

Human Equestria Capper

Capper's alternate Equestria Girls counterpart is also revealed in the series, as he and his friend Chummer are both con artists in the city of Klugetown, located within the African-European sector of the EG world, and a city that is a deviant to the world's fairly-peaceful society, that doesn't spread much outside of petty arguments and jerks who go hungry with power. The two end up in debt with Verko and the two try to get out of it, but they have had their homes burnt down by him 4 times after they fail. Klugetown is kept this way thanks to the exploits of Agent Scelus, who is following Agent Sacana's plans for turning the world into a more 'real' one as he feels the utopian society is 'unrealistic' and aims to make it like other dimensions, unaware that Coo hasn't made it to handle such being that it was meant to never embrace such things as a means to escapeisum from her sorrowes, and thus the results will not be pleasant. He also seems to know Puss in Boots' alternate EG counterpart since the two lived in the same town together and he helped him get in the EG Lodge with the help of EG Kitty Softpaws, and a self-reforming former pawn of Human Verko in the form of EG Humpty Dumpty who sacrificed himself to do so, after protecting Equestrian magic from him.


Has a red shirt and pants, orange-brown skin and blue stylish hair, and also a cop uniform, and a whisker-like moustache. He has sea-green eyes, red boots, a chipped ear, a mole on his left cheek, and has a glove on his left hand.

Role outside the series

Capper will join the Justice Guardians after meeting them in Jeffrey, Jaden, Hiccup & Friends' Storm Adventures of My Little Pony: The Movie. After he joins, King Mickey will personally help Capper get out of his debt to Vekro. (This was because Tigerman took a great interest in the character and because he likes cats.)

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