Carl Hook
Captain Carl Hook
Vital statistics
Title Cousin of Captain James Hook
Gender Male
Race/Species Human
Faction Independent Vengeful Pirate
Description Severed Right Hand, Bad Eyesight, Lust for Mermaids
Skills and Abilities Golden Sword, Classic Pirate Ship and Paraphernalia
Status Still at Large and Fighting Peter Pan for his Cousin
Location Caribbean (Homeland)

Neverland (Current Residence)

Alignment Vengeful Evil

Captain Carl Hook is the cousin of the original Captain Hook, who goes by the name of James. He's a near identical look-alike to hook with exceptions like he dons a golden sword, the hook is on the oppisite hand, he wears glasses and has a little goatee. Though instead of Tick Tock the crocodile and/or The Octopus, he is chased by a dolphin who fell in love with him after he romantically commented on her thinking she was a mermaid, arguably making Carl an even bigger joke because at least James Hook is realistically being chased by predators and not a deluded female dolphin. However, this guy is otherwise Blackbeard terratories on how nasty a pirate he is. Unlike Hook who has some sense of keeping hostages, this guy perfers to flat out leave no one alive, logically thinking that if no one is alive, no one would seek revenge for what you have done to them. He's also more intellectual and sofisicated then Hook, but he's not a true difference when it comes on how he's been made a fool of by Peter Pan. It gotten to the point that James Hook is considered scarier then his actselly worse cousin. Even James kept him obscured for reasons on him being treated like an even bigger joke, and that Carl is drasticly radically toxic to the kind of standerds the leage follows now-a-days considering his preference to kill all survivers off. James Hook's joining into the leage makes Carl want to destroy Neverland even more cause of it, blaming Peter Pan and the island itself for causing James Hook to join "A cult of demon worshippers". Luckly, like James Hook, never has he currently succeeded. Though he also has a habit of kidnapping mermaids because they're the only things he seems to like in Never Land.


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