Walder Wold Alkstrom
Vital statistics
Title Captain Alkstrom
Gender Male
Race/Species Yortle
Faction Independent Technopunk Pirate
Description Honorable At Times, Though Has Widely-Inconsistant Behavior
Skills and Abilities Natural Being Abilities, Semi-Aquatic, Small But Versatile and Erratic Skiff Ship Called The Virtue, Three Friends, Turbo-Boosted Hover/Sailboard, Krooger Weaponry
Status Still at Large
Location Alternate UUniverses
  • Tinöza City, Yortex (Eta Universe, Lariclum Sector, Jork System) (Hometown)
  • Girate (Zeta Universe, Ougus Sector, Keveo System) (Exile Residence)
Alignment Morally Confused

Captain Walder W. Alkstrom is an Alternate UUniversal Yortle from Planet Yortex. He is an amphibious being who was banished from his race's home planet by his people's leader and uncle Sir C.G. Yertle, to this world where he became exposed to the bad influence of this world, and thus turned into a swashbuckling antihero pirate who did bot bad and good things to entertain himself, as his exile world was all but rude to him, and thus he had only a few members of his crew, yet his pirate ship was a formidable fighting vehicle that can do a lot of significant damage. Though his friends argue that he doesn't know what he should be as it was this same mind-set that got his uncle to banish him, yet he denies wanting to have anything to do with him because he never listened to his true well-mannered intentions and was completely unreasonable, especially since he himself was renowned as a selfish, stubborn, and insensitive jerk who did mean things including 'treating his subjects like (AUU Stormtroopers)', and one time causing people to be hospitalized through rebuilding his palace to be taller until it collapsed and killed and injured many people while he was the only one to be relatively unharmed, something of which was forgotten because he offered the budget to heal them through their injuries through high-tech regenerative technology. Everyone admits hate for him, but they also say that he does what is best, and is smart enough to realize when he's made a mistake and fix it, as the leader before him, and his father, was Forrestfire101 and AudreyStudios82 Batman levels of mean, as he does cruel an insensitive things to people because he felt they are inferior to him, ultimately resulting in his assassination. Though C.G. Yertle was not much of an improvement, he knew better than his father. But Walder refused to be convinced and 'hoped he would drop dead', as he loved his life as it is now. But his blindness to his amorality ended up in several situations that almost got him in jail, and it would take two birdbrains to turn his life around for good.


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