Orthon Tezmon Althemis
Vital statistics
Title Captain Althemis
Gender Male
Race/Species Makchir (Demosirthea nymya)
Faction Ovengan Space Pirate
Description Often Times Crazy, Easily Prone to Anger
Skills and Abilities Semi-Aquatic Animal, Excellent Roboticist and Engineer, Wide Array of Cybernetic Weaponry, Grey Matter Space Pirate Ship
Status Still at Large
Location Alternate UUniverses
  • Yonder Gu Island, Ardalicron (Delta Universe, Tilocrum Sector, Woofu System) (Homeland)
  • Toxxy Orgalith Wastes, Ovenga (Theta Universe, Cibarron Sector, Adebaron System) (Current Residence)
Alignment Evil Space Pirate

Captain Orthon T. Althemis is an Alternate UUniversal Makchir from Planet Ardalicron. He is a cyberpunk seal-like manatee pirate who is surprisingly not a cyborg (if that makes sense), and has been known to be a genius in robotics, and had been exiled from Ardalicron for trying to revolutionize the pirate community with cybernetic terrorist weapons. And in his work, Althemis has been considered just that: a terrorist who has been known for robbing an entire moon of it's money supply. He was luckily thwarted by Captain Axxus following his new legacy as a hero, and all of his loot was returned to the moon. Since then, Althemis has been wanting to get personal vengeance on Ardalicron and Axxus by becoming a good ally to Captain Orelock. His crew consists entirely of cyborgs and robots, and he flies inside an enormous highly-advanced ship called the Grey Matter.


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  • Fusalla Qluger- A raccoon-like cyborg who is the attractive first mate of the crew. She is a very talented markswoman who wields any kind of weapon imaginable. Her versatility is what makes Fusalla an excellent first mate, and is even like a daughter to Althemis.
  • Bene the Bracket- A hammerhead rhino cyborg who serves as one of the brawns of the crew. While Tokath is the smartest of the brawns, Bene is not very bright. He sometimes cracks down with jokes every once in a while, yet has the audacity to step in and defend his captain.
  • Gearworx- A toucan-like bird cyborg who serves as both an engineer and a pilot for the Grey Matter. He aids Satina in repairing the ship, and also helps with tactics. He is also an aerial scout for the team.
  • Tinker-Finger Satina- A marsupial squirrel cyborg who serves as an inventive genius and navigations expert of the crew. She helps keep the Grey Matter in top shape, and aids the crew with amazing inventions. Her single mother serves as the Grey Matter bartender.
  • Logrey Clockwork- A predatory bandicoot-like cyborg who is known to be a skilled marksman and is responsible fo scouting the Grey Matter crow's nest for space fleets. He wields two vibrodaggers and has quick reflexes and acrobatic skills.
  • Titanium Tokath- An elephant-like cyborg who is noted for his cybernetic armor made of a titanium alloy. He is capable of wielding cyborg weapons no matter how heavy and powerful they are, and serves as one of the brawns of the crew. Though he doesn't speak that much, he is still a smart fighter.
  • IIBU-268- A robot that was originally a scientist robot that was dismantled. Then he was reprogrammed by Althemis to serve as one of the brains of the crew. 'IIBU' stands for 'Incredibly-Intelligent Brain Unit'.
  • PU-60- A robot who was originally a prowler-bot that served during the Exo-Wars. He remained dismantled for several years until he was reprogrammed by Althemis to be one of his top warrior machines. 'PU' stands for 'Prowler-Unit'.
  • JU-45- A robot that was originally a robot programmed to do chores for Globex. But it was sadly dismantled during the Exo-Wars. It was eventually found by Althemis, and reprogrammed as the ship's 'cabin-bot'. 'JU' stands for 'Janitor Unit'.
  • ASU-682- A flying robot that was originally an aerial-spy robot that served during the Interuniversal War. When it was sadly destroyed, it was recovered by Althemis and reprogrammed to be the second aerial support and aerial spy of the crew. 'ASU' stands for 'Aerial Support Unit'.
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