Asapha Grumit Sonarr
Captain Asapha Sonarr
Vital statistics
Title Captain Asapha, Captain Sonarr, Captain Ace, Ace, Leader of the Para Knights
Gender Male
Race/Species Pyriiraptor (Pyriiraptor ferocifexus)
Faction Para Knights
Description Eldest Member of Para-Knights, Still Physically-Fit For Age, Rough in Training
Skills and Abilities Natural Raptor Agility and Reflexes, Sickle Foot Claws (Rarely Used), GravWing-10 Wingpack, Durable Flexible Combat Armor, Two Vibroknives, Two Dual Phasers/Launchers, Standard Para-Knight Equipment
Status Alive
Location Alternate UUniverses
  • Nygia (Epsilon Universe, Polgren Sector, Waifu System) (Homeworld/Current Residence)
Alignment Renegade Hero

Cpt. Asapha 'Ace' G. Sonarr is an Alternate UUniversal Pyriiraptor from Planet Nygia. He is the oldest member of the Para Knights, and is the team's combat trainer who had defeated various Nygian threats in his youth. His younger brother, Arce the Arc, was one of them, who had tried to make his own team of Para Knights during the times of the Para Knights Project. He succeeded with the other half of the formerly HUGE Para Knights. After refusing a useless governor's preposeal, the same ungrateful jerk turned his brother and his paraknights, turned into "Buzzwings" and sent them after them to FORCE them to accept Buzz's offer, or else. the Para Knights were responsible for stopping Arce's team, as well as the 7 other members, who were all betrayed by their own boss and sent to Oranos as a subitude payback on Sonarr. Asapha is also trying to make sure that his Para Knights are safe from Governor Buzz Ki Ller, the very basturd who ruined his brother's good name for one simple slip-up, who is constantly placing bounties on them.


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