Tarcroy Govin Axxus
Captain Axxus
Vital statistics
Title Captain Axxus, Pirate Lord, Antihero Pirate of the AUU
Gender Male
Race/Species Chowdary's Unotter (Agamuspoia chowdariis)
Faction Captain of his own Pirate Crew
Description Father, More Moral Than Other Space Pirates, Charming in Spirit, Swashbuckling, Challenge-Seeking Adventurer
Skills and Abilities Semi-Aquatic Animal, SS Axxus Spaceship, Entire Crew, Vibrosword, Projectile Blaster, Quick-Planner
Status Alive
Location Alternate UUniverses
  • Salty Bayou, Ardalicron (Delta Universe, Tilocrum Sector, Woofu System) (Hometown, Current Residency)
Alignment Antihero Space Pirate

Captain Tarcroy G. Axxus is an Alternate UUniversal Unotter from Planet Ardalicron. He grew up in a generation of space pirates who were known to pillage various worlds for riches. Captain Axxus continues this legacy to this day on his Starship Axxus, only with a slightly tainted reputation of accsidently getting involved (albeit briefly) with the Villains Act in due of a conspiracy by some personal foes. He has a daughter named Sacen Axxus who is the first mate of his crew, through he's not a straight forword bad pirate, but not a full on good one, he's, a neutrol anti-hero pirate at best and an equil oppintuniest, going for whatever is worth favering. Captain Axxus is currently in competition with a greedy pirate named Captain Rarxter since he took the life of his wife, Yases Axxus for getting him banished from Ardalicron and ruining his reputation. He steals Axxus' loot on a regular basis, and is never able to injure Axxus thanks to Sacen. But even though Sacen tries to beg her father to retire, he still doesn't learn his lesson. Captain Axxus may be a bit of a Jack Sparrow inspired Jerk-off, but he still has a soft side to him, mainly concerning his daughter, especially since he lost her mother in the hands of Rarxter. His pirate crew is vast, consisting mostly of robots that originated from the Starbot Drone Series, his personal first "Robot" mate is a Skelebot Commander named Argh17 Dash 20, His personal musle, A named Manbeetle Alpha named Alpha Neptune, his top stragigest, A Tactical Skelibot named Lord Brains-In-A-Box, A Jetpack Commander named P.O.L.L.Y. that has a malfuntion that makes him behave like a parrot like creature that humoriously cuddles with Axxus who treats him like an actual pet, and two funny misfits of a Normal Manbeetle and a Strangely dimnited Conehead Skelebot named Beetle-Bloob (The Manbeetle) and Dim-Tin Can the Cone head (based on the two pirate duo that used to work for Captain Barossa, the first main villain of Pirates of the Carrabeanian). Axxus has a habit of naming his drones completely different names then the traditional names based on their unit names for the most part. Yeah, that's part of his Jack Sparrow-like charm.


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