Geeb Romulto Blackorra
Vital statistics
Title Captain Blackwood
Gender Male
Race/Species Savanna Gargarilla (Gargarilla colus)
Faction Independent Ovengan Space Pirate
Description Rough and Aggressive, Alcoholic, Missing Ribs and Other Bones
Skills and Abilities Natural Primate Agility, Quick Reflexes and Powerful Strength, Obsidian-Colored Sword, Blackened Heart Space Pirate Ship, Pirate Crew
Status Still at Large
Location Alternate UUniverses
  • Wurmwater, Ovenga (Theta Universe, Cibarron Sector, Adebaron System) (Hometown, Current Residence)
Alignment Evil Space Pirate

Captain Geeb R. Blackorra is an Alternate UUniversal Gargarilla from Planet Ovenga. He was an orphan who lost his parents when they were arrested by the Beta Federation for their crimes, and he was adopted and raised by a group of pirate monkeys who molded him into a strong pirate captain, nicknaming him 'Blackwood' for being very deadly when starting out with nothing but a black tree branch until it was destroyed, leaving him with a similar weapon made from an obsidian-colored blade. He gained a ship called the Blackened Heart and gained an entire crew of monkeys to pillage the strongest of banking systems. He is very rough on his robberies, and has been able to take down massive numbers of guards by himself.


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  • Sambol Shex- Blackwood's best monkey friend who decided to support him in his new career. He became the first mate of the crew, and also the best fighter. He is a rough and cranky monkey who will stop at nothing to protect his friend.
  • Gam Nu Roe- A baboon-like pirate who descended from Zoian immigrants. He is a very amazing marksman who wields two dual plasma machine guns and two energy blades. He is also the scout of the group who resides in the Blackened Heart crow's nest to watch out for space fleets.
  • Buffball Bargen- An ape who serves as the brawns of the crew. He is also infamous for his frightening roar. The problem was that Bargen was not very smart. He can occasionally make mistakes, and he can often be goofy.
  • Gliding Iomer- A gliding monkey who serves as the aerial support and spy for the crew. He is an expert tactician and marksman who wields two vibrodaggers and a small paralyzer pistol. He is very agile and quick, but he can often overlook some problems every once in a while.
  • Gamson Slash- A four-armed ape pirate who is named for being capable of wielding a large sword that is a foot taller than him called Goningus. This sword was originally owned by a large warrior who was as big as a dinosaur, but Gamson's constant workouts have allowed him to wield the sword just as well as it's original owner.
  • Big-Nosed Camger- A gorilla-like proboscis monkey who is the tacticians and navigations expert of the crew. He helps map out planets they come across, and he helps plan out strategies. He was often made fun of for his nose, but he learned to get used to it.
  • Chromo-Face Umman- A uakari-like monkey who is named after his natural color-changing face. He is also the brains of the crew, helping keep the Blackened Heart in shape, and helps with machines, inventions, and weapons. He often gets very egotistical with his work, but nobody really seems to mind.
  • Dasane the Flattering- An attractive monkey who not only serves as a magical expert that protects the crew from magical influence, but she also has a habit of using kunoichi when fighting against foes. This has unexpectedly affected the entire crew as well, yet she seems to find the cabin boy very charming since he's the only one who's not a maniac.
  • Croden Bacctins- A golden tailless lemur who serves as the cabin boy of the crew. While he does get pushed around by the crew, the only one who shows him any respect is Dasane, ultimately leading to the two having crushes on each other.
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