Captain Blot
Captain Blot SV
Vital statistics
Title Blot, Total Ripoff of Captain Gutt
Gender Male
Race/Species Western gorilla (Gorilla gorilla)
Faction Destiny Islands Pirate with Crew
Description Shares Personality with Captain Gutt
Skills and Abilities Natural Primate Agility, Reflexes, Good Swordsman, Pirate Ship Has All Pirate Paraphernalia, Claws
Status Still at Large
Location Destiny Islands (Homeland); Wherever Professor Eagle Beak Resides As Of Emperor Lu Kang Part 2
Alignment Evil

Captain Blot is a non-recruited Big Bad of the two part pilot episodes of the Second Season of the SpongeBob and Friends Chronicles Adventures, The Seas of Captain Legend. He is a Gorilla Pirate Captain who is inspired by both Long John Silver (Muppet Treasure Island/Treasure Planet) and the Prehistoric Ancestor of his primate realitives, Captain Gutt the Gigantopithecus from the Ice Age Saga's latest edition: Continental Drift. Like Gutt, Blot is a hostile ape, shows a short temper and anger in a flash when provoked, and is capable of grim humour at the expense of others and is a massive brute of a pirate who has taken advantage of the chaos caused by the Hurricane conjured by Mang Cobra's magic to become the self-appointed Master of the Seas. Whether he’s swinging through the rigging, leading his pirate crew in a shanty or just being an all-around hateful antagonist, Blot, (just like Gutt or every pirate villain he's copying) absolutely loves being a pirate and taking whatever he wants in the world (In the case of Captain Taiklar Blackheart's legendary treasure: The Loot of 100000 Realms). When he and his animal and mythical creature crew cross paths with Spyro of the Shell Louge Squad along with Sparx, Cynder, Kairi, Riku, Twilight Sparkle, Spike, The Mane 5, The Cutiemark Crusaders, Trixie and Gilda who are cast out to sea during the Hurricane while going to Destiny Islands for Kairi and Spyro's Brother and Sister anniversary, Blot has 2 things on his agenda: 1. Make Spyro and Kairi apart of his crew and 2. Find Captain Taiklar's Legendary Loot of 100000 Realms. Blot always fancies himself to get a seriously nice suit to bluntly abverstises his self given title as "Master of the Seas", and that could be why he was quick to befriend a certain Merpony pony of dishonest intentions.


Captain Blot

Captain Blot in his younger years.

Blot comes from a long line of ruthless pirates lead by the notorious Captain Taiklar Blackheart. His ancestors served by Blackheart's side, and helped him raid every world of it's treasures. When Blot was born, his father was slaughtered by the Ham-Dams, and when Blot became 18, his mother was also slaughtered by the Ham-Dams. Blot was forced off of the island.

Blot went down a rotten road since then. Knowing well of his heratage of being part of a pirate legacy, Blot simply became as such.... A pirate. He started off as the cabin boy servent of the pirate lord of Desteny Islands' pirates, Captain Porkbeard, a grotest, disgusting pirate lord of the rouge island "Pirate Isle". Porkbeard treated Blot like he wasn't remotely impourent, that his existence is meaningless to Porkbeard. Blot's psycological mentality was broken by the abuse.

By when Blot became 20, Blot was now a lowly pirate grunt. Porkbeard ordered them to raid the Palace Islands and to steal the crown jewels of the rulers of desteny islands. However, Blot had the jewels confused with the jewels ACTSELLY in the crowns, and not a series of greatly valued jewels. So in an act of misinformed stupidity, Blot went after the rulers of Desteny Islands, attacked and killed them mercelessly and took the crowns, to the shock of the pirates. Blot realised too late that they weren't actselly trying to get at the actual jewels in the crowns and was abandon by pirates in fear of Blot's fate. Only to be latered freed by Dead Sea, Geogra (indirectly), and El Skales Con Carnage, Blot grew in infamy and gained a massive crew. Soon, he will meet his match when he discovers Spyro, Kairi, and a bunch of others.

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