Bodar Kelroe Iphilares
Captain Bodar
Vital statistics
Title Captain Bodar, General Bodar, Major Bodar, Leader of the Cybartans
Gender Male
Race/Species AUU Khuroot Human
Faction Dr. Armalite Infernus (Formerly), Cybartans
Description Rogue Cybernetic Soldier Henchman, Cybernetic Left Eye, Prosthetic Right Arm, Prosthetic Heart, Missing Rib, Replaced Tibia
Skills and Abilities Cybernetic Arm Grants Enhanced Strength, Cyber-Eye Grants Enhanced Vision and Higher Weapon Accuracy, Acrobatic Ability, Cybernetic Equipment
Status Reborn A Cybernetic Exo-War Weapon, One of the Humans Remaining in the AUU
Location Alternate UUniverses
  • Ansceron (Delta Universe, Hegedus Sector, Rixeon System) (Homeworld)
  • (Current Location Unknown)
Alignment Antihero Team Leader

Captain Bodar K. Iphilares is an Alternate UUniversal Khuroot human from Planet Ansceron. He was once a captain in the Ansceron Navy, and proved time after time he was capable of finishing a mission with little backup. That is until one day, during the violent Exo-Wars, he tried to save a Globex facility with his partner, Droad Winz, until they were both killed during combat. Dr. Armalite Infernus saw these 2 people as brave enough to be on his side to stop the corrupt CEOs of Globex from stealing technology from other scientists. While Droad was given a cybernetic subsonic jetpack with adjustable wings, Bodar was made a stronger and smarter fighting machine, and his leading potential made him the honorable leader of the Cybartans, Armalite's most loyal fighting supersoldier cyborgs. Armalite gave them Augmentation Serums that made them much tougher than any other supersoldier ever known. Bodar lead the Cybartans well, and executed over 5 corrupt CEOs, but this all changed when they discovered that their master was growing corrupt. So they betrayed him, and turned him into the USRA. Since then, Bodar and the Cybartans have become anti-heroes that protected the AUU from various evils, never getting involved with the USRA itself.


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